Friday, October 28, 2005

Absolute Bonus Cleared

I cleared the rest of my bonus, so I cashed out of Absolute yesterday.

I deposited $100, and yesterday I withdrew $448. $188 profit from playing poker (most of that playing NL), and $160 from bonus ($10 of that from the cracked aces promotion). Not too shaby. I'm not sure where I am going to go to next. Possibly bet365. The same promotion that has been going on in Sept and Oct will also be done in Nov. $100 for 500 raked hands. Also, I got an e-mail for a weekend 25% bonus up to $100 at Paradise Poker.

I've been running kind of cold at pokerstars and the SNGs lately. I haven't placed in the money my last 4 SNGs, and I don't have a 1st place for at least 7 SNGs. I finally broke that streak this morning by winning a Turbo $6. Too bad I gave that profit away at the NL tables this morning.

I have full stack ($25) at a 6 max table. I get KK and raise it up to $1.00 (4x BB) from the CO. Villain has been a maniac and been involved in a lot of hands. He has already lost a stack and rebought in the last 10 minutes. I was playing other tables so I didn't consider this when I started playing against him. He calls from the SB. Flop comes with two 4's and an ace. I bet $1.50, and he min-raises me. I re-raise back another 3/4 pot, and he goes all-in. I can't really put him on an A, so I call. Well, he didn't have an ace. he had a 4. 74 offsuit to be exact. He called my PF raise with 74 offsuit!! Arggg.

I have to learn to lay down my high pocket pairs. I should have just laid it down after the min-raise. Especially with the A on the flop. Such a boneheaded move. I learned my lesson, but it was an expensive lesson.


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