Tuesday, September 13, 2005

SNG Results

SNG Results

Looking at my SNG results, I see some interesting results. I am doing really well at the $5.00 SNG, but sucking it up at the Turbo $6 SNG.

These stats are from 7/16 on (I played some SNGs before that, but have no record of them)

My $5 SNG Stats are:
  • Total Played: 13 (one was a 2 table)
  • First Place: 4
  • Second Place: 1
  • Third Place: 2 (one 3rd was from the 2 table SNG)
  • In the Money %: 53.8%
  • Total Wagered: $71.50
  • Total Won: $130.50
  • Profit: $59.00
  • ROI: 82.5%

My Turbo $6 SNG Stats are:
  • Total Played: 22
  • First Place: 1
  • Second Place: 2
  • Third Place: 3
  • In the Money %: 27.3%
  • Total Wagered: $143.00
  • Total Won: $91.80
  • Profit: $-51.20
  • ROI: -35.8%

Ouch! So my SNG totals are:
  • In The Money: 37.1%
  • Profit: $7.80
  • ROI: 3.6%

What does this tell you about my SNG game? Maybe I am not being aggressive enough. I always play really tight in the beginning. I guess the $5 SNGs give me more time to start catching some good cards. But in the Turbos, the blinds go up so fast, that if I am card dead, I am not good enough to still be above water and have an average to decent size stack when it gets to the 100/200 blind level.

What do you think? Obviously the best solution is to not play the Turbos, but it is hard for me to get enough time at once to play a regular (they last from 1 hour to an hour and a half for me it seems)



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