Monday, October 29, 2007

I played one hand of poker this weekend

Damn You MLB Power Pros for the Nintendo Wii! Damn You!!

I didn't get much free time this weekend, except for a little time on Sunday afternoon. I was planning on playing a little bit of poker then, as there was a $35,000 raketherake freeroll going on. I figured I would play in this, and then get in some cash game hands. That plan went to hell right away. So I sit down as the freeroll starts, and I am dealt AK in the SB. There is a raise, and I re-pop it up. Original raiser goes all-in, and I make the call. He has AQ.

I hadn't even gotten any cash game tables opened up, so I went back to watching the Vikings get pounded, and then played my new favorite Wii game. Man, that game is fun. It reminds me of Baseball Stars for the original Nintendo. You create players, make money, upgrade players, etc.. Lots of fun.


I do plan on getting back into poker this week. I am actually thinking of playing over at PokerStars for a while. You can't datamine the hand histories there like at Full Tilt, so I won't have stats on a lot of players, but maybe this will get me back to playing good, solid poker.


I'll end this post with a couple hands from the past week

$200NL against a short stack

This is in the rebuy period of Full Tilt's $10 Rebuy. I play almost all my hands in the first hour, and happened to flop a straight with a flush re-draw.

The hand that lost me most of my stack in the $10 rebuy.

And we'll end it on a good note. Of course it is against someone who doesn't have a full stack.



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