Friday, October 19, 2007

Canterbury Tournament Trip Report

Yesterday was my annual trip up to Canterbury Downs to play in the $300 Fall Classic event. There were about 380 people, and I ended up finishing around 130th place or so. I never built up a huge stack, and was around average until the first break. Then the blinds really started going up, and I quickly became one of the short stacks. Here are a few of the interesting hands:

UTG bets. I 3-bet with QQ. The button 4-bets! Uggg. For some reason, I called (Which was about a quarter of my stack). Dumb Dumb. It was an old dude, and old dudes don't 4-bet PF without a monster. The flop was all unders, and I couldn't bring myself to get it all-in when he more than likely had Rockets.

Folds to me on the button and I raise K4o. The SB calls. Flop is KQ7 rainbow. He checks calls my bet. Turn is another 7. He checks, and I check behind. River is a blank, and he fires out a half pot bet. I called, expecting to split with another King, but he had ATo and I caught his float/bluff.

I called a raise from the button with 75s. Flopped two pair and called his flop bet. I raised his turn bet, but he folded.

I open raise from MP with 99. Button calls, and then the BB 3-bets. I fold my nines, and the button and BB get it all in PF. Button has QQ vs the blinds AA. QQ sucks out on the turn.

I raise 74 of spades from LP and get two callers (The button and blind). Flop is all diamonds. It checks through. Turn is 4th diamond, BB checks and I bet and take it down.

I knock out a short stack with KQ vs A7.

And then my knockout hand. Thoughts on it?

Last hand of the 100/200 ante: 25 level. It goes up to 200/400 50 next hand. I have about 4200 in chips or so, so my M goes from 8 to 4 the next hand.

A big stack with about 15,000 in chips (Who just got moved here about an orbit ago) in Early position raises to 800 and I push from LP with KQs. Pretty bad? I thought I had decent fold equity there and figured he would fold anything but AA-TT, AK. Once those blinds go up next hand, I have no fold equity.

Look for a better spot to get my money in?


All-in-all, I had fun. My table had tons of suckouts. Very rarely did the hand that was leading when all the money got in end up winning. QQ beats AA. AQ beats JJ on a Jack high flop (Runner-runner straight). AA beats QJ on a QJx flop. A9 beats KK (And also A6). It was unbelievable. Too bad I didn't suckout on that last hand.

Playing live is still strange for me. Add to the situation a very cold room (Air vent right above our table), a lot of coffee in the morning, along with a Mountain Dew, and I was shivering/shaking. Pretty pathetic, huh? At the first break I was finally able to take a pee break and I went and got a sweatshirt from my car. Plus, I won a few hands, so that calmed me down.


I also playing a little bit of limit (3/6) and won a few bucks. Flopped a straight from the BB with Q9 and won a nice pot. Then won another pot with AK. It was a straddled pot, and I 3-bet from EP. the button 4-bets and it was heads up. Flop contained an Ace, and he called all my bets with QQ.

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