Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Nothing like going on a 19 buy-in winning streak to dig myself out of the red, right?

Last Friday, I decided to move back down to 100NL for a little while (with maybe one or two 200NL tables open if there were any juicy tables). I did this because I feel a lot more comfortable and a needed a confidence booster. Plus, I think I can play more tables down here at the same time.

To say things are going well at 100NL is an understatement.

Here are the stats and graphs from Last Friday until today.

52 Big Blinds per 100 sustainable?

I read a post a couple days ago over at cmitch's blog about three betting and 4-bet bluffing

He had a link to a blog post by CTS from almost a year ago where he says, "Whenever I was 3-bet by someone who I perceived to be a competent player capable of 3-betting me light I would go ahead and shove all-in with aces, kings, and ace-rag (suited or unsuited) assuming we had around 100BB stacks."

I've been playing a lot looser lately (around 24.5/17.5) and thus have been 3-bet a lot more by the competent players, so I decided to give this 4-bet shoving a try.

The past 3 days I've done this 8 times. I got called once, and they folded the other 7 times!

The one where I got called was kinda strange I guess. It was Blind on Blind and he just completed his blind (His stats were 32/3). I raised with A9o, and he 3-bet, and then I pushed. He called and had KK. I flopped an ace and won the pot.

The other 7:
- I bet AJo UTG. 3-bet by a 22/19. He folds to my push
- I bet A7s OTB. 3-bet by a 19/15. He folds to my push
- I bet AQo UTG. 3-bet by a 19/11. He folds to my push
- I bet AKo OTB. 3-bet by a 37/18. He folds to my push
- I bet A9o UTG. 3-bet by a 20/17. He folds to my push

Other 4 bet pushes with non Ax hands
- I bet TT in MP. 3-bet by a 24/20. He folds to my push
- I bet QJs in MP. 3-bet by a 20/15. He folds to my push (He had been 3-betting me very light, so I loosened up, heh)

Not too shabby if you ask me


The wife and I and some friends booked a trip to Vegas for September. This will be our first time in Vegas. I'm pretty excited. I probably won't be able to get in too much poker, but I do plan on taking a decent amount of cash and try my luck at the 1/2 NL games there.

I'm a newb when it comes to live games. I've played a decent amount of home games, but the only other time I've played live at a casino was one of Canterbury Downs NL events last October ($200 buy-in).

It should be interesting.


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At 1:16 PM , Blogger cmitch said...

I'm glad you found the 3 betting post helpful.

Congrats on the very nice run also.

You shouldn't worry too much about playing live. Most live players are like 10x worse than online players at 1/2. The typical player will usually fall into 4 categories:

1. Way too tight.
2. Way too loose, just there to gamble and will get all in with any draw.
3. Players that haven't played a ton of poker and overvalue a lot of hands.
4. The rare good player that will be easy to spot.

It usually only takes an orbit or two to put most of the players into one of these categories and use it against them.

You'll tear up live 1/2nl.

At 4:08 PM , Blogger smokkee said...

very nice chart!

i've been donkin' around at 100max full ring on Bodog. players have a tendency to limp/call way too much. they seem to be more comfortable calling then betting and raising. even with AA and KK. so, it's difficult sometimes to put 'em on a hand.

At 12:08 PM , Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Hey, congrats on the MATH win!


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