Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's bad Beat Thursday!

[Begin Rant/Bad Beats]

I played a bunch of poker last night. Got in quite a few tournaments along with regular cash games. I wish I wouldn't have played.

I played 7 MTTs and didn't cash in any. I played 1 SNG and got 3rd after having 60% of the chips when it got down to 3. And the half stack donks at the cash games consistently bad beated me to death.

--------- The awesome cash game hands ---------

5 outer on river after all the money gets in on the turn

2 outer on the river

5 outer on turn after calling PSB with 2nd pair 2nd kicker

2 outer on river after getting all the money in

--------- Hands from MTTs ----------------

PS $15+15.50: I'm down to 10 big blinds. Two limpers and I push K9s from the button. 2nd limper calls with QTo and I lose.

PS $20+2.00 180 Person MTT: I have only 7 BBs left, so I am short. I flop a set with JJ, but I lose to a two outer. Would have tripled up Sad (Ya, I was behind Pre-flop)

PS $50+5: I'm getting kinda short. QQ vs 88 all-in PF against someone with just a little bit less chips than me. 8 on the turn. I win that and I'm back above average

FT $24+2 26k guar: Villain calls basically all-in on flop with a gutshot (Actually had his pair outs, but no way he could have counted on those). River fills his gutshot.

FT $10 Rebuy 15k guar: I sucked during the rebuy period, and was just around average after the rebuy period. Then I went on a rush and made it into the top 10 in chips. Biggest hand being me flopping a straight and someone with 50 BBs or so not being able to let go of his aces.

Then I ran into Aces again where he flopped a set and I had two pair. I called a raise in position with a suited connector. Flopped a flush draw and a pair. Called a bet. Turned two pair. We got it all-in and I saw his top set. River was a blank.

Then I ran KK into AA later on. He flopped a set and rivered quads. lol

Times I got AA in that MTT: 0. Times I got KK: 1

$30 SNG: And then finally, I decided to play a SNG. I haven't played a single table SNG for a long time. Made it into the money and then this hand happens. blah.

So there you have. A night truly devoid of any luck. None whatsoever.

[End Rant/Bad Beats]

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