Tuesday, August 07, 2007

July Results

July was a pretty average in terms of BB/100. I'm really happy with the end dollar amount, since it is right up there with my best months. But I think I could have done a lot better. I actually think I ran kind of cold. I was dealt AA only 43 times all month (13,782/221 = 63). That is a huge difference. Next lowest pocket pair was JJ, and got dealt that 53 times. Highest was pocket deuces at 75 times. Yipee.

557 pocket pairs saw a flop, and I flopped sets 68 times. That is right at average.

KK vs AA all-in PF 4 times, and obviously lost all 4. Yuck.

NL Cash Games: +1833.68
  • 100NL 6 max: $872.13 -- 7,839 hands
  • 200NL 6 max: $961.55 -- 5,943 hands
Tournaments: -$163.00

June Rakeback: +313.oo

Grand Total: +1983.68

(Note: Stats listed in BB/100, not ptbb/100)

Pokertracker says I played 43 hours, so that equates to around $48 an hour.

I am now completely comfortable at 200NL, and plan on playing the majority of my hands at this level. There are still a ton of donks at this level, so no worries there.


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