Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Takin down the Hoy

Got back from a mini-vacation this weekend to the Wisconsin Dells, and decided to play a little poker Monday night. If I happen to be playing tournaments, and there is a blogger tourney going on, I will usually play it. I haven't played in Hoyazo's "Monday's at the Hoy" very often, but it is my favorite blogger tourney, mainly due to the higher buy-in.

27 people entered, and I took home first place

I think this may be my first MTT win ever. Though, I guess I have won some smaller 45 person SNGs when I was a Sit-n-go player over a year ago. But that doesn't really count. I did have a 4-way chop in a $20 180 person Stars MTT last year. Other than that, this is my first outright win. Amazing, huh? Of course, I am more of a cash game player, and maybe get in 5-10 tournaments a month.


August is winding down, and I am headed for another $2,000 month, thanks to my nice run at 100NL the last week or so. I've only slightly won the past couple days though. It would have been more, but there were a couple good two outers against me for stacks on the weekend. On my birthday no less! Hey, my hands are supposed to hold up on my birthday!! Didn't Full Tilt get the memo?

And for total money made in my online poker career, I am about to break the 23 G's mark.


I started watching The Wire the past couple weeks. I purchased Season 1 last Christmas, and I am just not getting around to watching it. I'm only through the first three episodes, but I am already hooked. Awesome show. It tanks right up there with The Shield for best TV series ever. Check it out if you haven't yet.


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At 9:31 AM , Blogger lj said...

omg, just wait till you get to seasons 3 and 4. wire = best tv show ever!


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