Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sweet, Another Six Buy-in Upswing!

I had my small 2 buy-in downswing on Monday, but the last 2+ days have been pretty good. 964 hands and +$584. What is kind of surprising, is that I have been dealt Aces just once, and Kings twice in that span. And until this morning, there was only one set in there (Played only 4o hands this morning, and won a stack with a flopped set of 8's). Just a lot of small to medium wins. In those 964 hands, there were three hands that I won more than a stack, and one hand where I lost close to a stack. I've really been picking on the really bad short/half stacks that have been out there.

Here are a couple of the more interesting hands:

UTG was really loose. His stats were 55/19. If he had one of those top 55% hands, he would call any PF raise. I had re-raised him at least one other time, which he called PF, but he folded to my flop continuation bet. This is kind of a weird situation. You get a pot sized bet, then THREE people call that. AK does not fair well against many opponents, so I had to re-raise big. And, I would be out of position the rest of the hand, so I am pretty much committing myself to the hand. My flop bet was a little small. I'm not sure why I bet only 2/3 pot. I think I did that to give myself an excuse to fold if villain pushed. But I ended up calling anyway. Doh! There was just too much money in the pot already, and I though I had at least 6 outs and maybe even ahead and getting 2.7:1 on my money.

MP ($115.35)
CO ($100)
Button ($25.90)
SB ($185.50)
Hero ($127.50)
UTG ($176.30)

Preflop: Hero is BB with Kd, As.
UTG raises to $3.5, MP calls $3.50, CO calls $3.50, 1 fold, SB calls $3, HERO raises to $22, UTG calls $17.50, MP folds, CO folds, SB folds.

Flop: ($53.50) 6d, Js, 9h (2 players)
HERO bets $35, UTG raises to $155.3 (All-In), Hero calls $71.50 (All-In).

Turn: ($266.50) 3h (2 players, 2 all-in)

River: ($266.50) 7h (2 players, 2 all-in)

Final Pot: $266.50

Hero has Kd As (high card, ace).
UTG has Ad Qs (high card, ace).
Outcome: Hero wins $266.50.


This was the one big hand I lost. Once the money went it, it was pretty much a coinflip. Oh well. I probably could have folded, but it was a blind on blind confrontation with a player who was pretty decent and was capable of making moves.

BB ($89.70)
UTG ($126.40)
MP ($249.85)
Button ($281.95)
Hero ($100.90)

Preflop: Hero is SB with 9d, 9s.
3 folds, HERO raises to $3.50, BB calls $2.50.

Flop: ($7.00) 7c, 6s, 4c (2 players)
HERO bets $4.5, BB raises to $9, HERO raises to $30.5, BB raises to $86.20 (All-In), HERO calls $55.70.

Turn: ($179.40) 4h (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: ($179.40) Qc (2 players, 1 all-in)

Final Pot: $179.40

HERO Shows 9d, 9s (Pair of Nines)
BB shows Ac Jc (Flush, Ace High)
Outcome: BB Wins $179.40


Here is one of my sets. I raise it up UTG and get 4 callers! Yikes! Then the flop is perfect. I probably didn't play this one optimally. Villain was running 40/15/2.5. He said he had Pocket 9's afterwards. It's hard to get paid off out of position :(

CO ($83.95)
Button ($32.30)
SB ($54)
BB ($81.90)
Hero ($118.30)
MP ($107.50)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with 6h, 6c.
HERO raises to $3.5, MP calls $3.50, 1 fold, Button calls $3.50, SB calls $3, 1 fold.

Flop: ($15.00) 5c, 5s, 6d (4 players)
SB checks, HERO bets $8, MP raises to $16, Button folds, SB folds, Hero calls $8.

Turn: ($47.00) Qs (2 players)
HERO checks, MP bets $12, HERO raises to $24, MP calls $12.

River: ($95.00) 2s (2 players)
HERO bets $74.8 (All-In), MP folds.

Final Pot: $95.00


My set from this morning. Here I am in position. See how much easier it is to get paid off in position? Villain was pretty agro (25/19/11), and the other two people in the hand were terrible, so I just flat called the Pre-flop betters continuation bet hoping one of them would tag along. There weren't too many draws out there, so I felt it was ok to do this. I probably could have flat called his turn bet too, but he was showing strength so I felt he'd call my push.

Hero ($100)
Button ($85.90)
SB ($24)
BB ($93.50)
UTG ($50.50)
MP ($117.95)

Preflop: Hero is CO with 8d, 8h.
UTG calls $1, MP raises to $4.5, HERO calls $4.50, 2 folds, BB calls $3.50, UTG folds.

Flop: ($15) Ad, Jh, 8s (3 players)
BB checks, MP bets $11, HERO calls $11, BB folds.

Turn: ($37) 9c (2 players)
MP bets $30, HERO raises to $84.5 (All-In), MP calls $54.50.

River: ($206) 6h (2 players, 1 all-in)

Final Pot: $206

MP has 8c Ac (two pair, aces and eights).
Hero has 8d 8h (three of a kind, eights).
Outcome: Hero wins $206.


Did you watch Lost last night? Whoa, I won't spoil it for anyone that hasn't watched it yet, but I was surprised at the end of the episode. I have hard time believing they would have that particular character killed off. I am sure that that person will be back. They better, or I'll be pissed off.


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