Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Up! Down! Up! Down!

Ug, check out the graph from this weekend (Friday through Tuesday Morning).

Up! Down! Up! Down! I can actually hear Mr. Miyagi yelling that in my head when I look at that graph.

I don't think I actually played all that well. I went too far with a few hands and lost my whole stack on hands where I shouldn't have been playing in the first place. I was running at 21/16 for VP$IP and PFR%, and I think that is a little too loose. I need to tighten up and get back to 17/14 or so.

Aces were a really good hand for me this weekend. I won a quite a few stacks with them, and they held up for the most part. I even had a hand with Aces vs Kings vs Jacks all-in PF and my Aces were good! Amazing! Another fun one was me getting re-raised with Aces, and the flop coming AKQ. We eventually get it all in and he has AK.

Kings and Queens on the other hand haven't been treating me as nice. I've been up against either Aces or Kings (when I've had Queens) more times than I would like.

I did play in a couple tournaments last night, but didn't make anything in that. I made the final table at Hoyazo's weekly tournament, but I was the short stack when the Final Table started and I went out in 9th (Top 6 paid out).


I was finally able to locate a Nintendo Wii over the weekend. It is a lot of fun. My wife even said that some of the Wii Sports games are pretty cool. I particularly like the Bowling and the Boxing. I plan on getting a couple more games with some Amazon Gift Certificates I've gotten from PokerSavvy and PSO (Links to the right), so I'll have to let you know how those go.


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