Monday, April 16, 2007

Still In A Rut

Warning: Whining ahead!

Played about 1500 hands from Friday through this morning. Up only one buy in though.

I just can't catch a break. Here are some numbers for you.

  • 1500 hands
  • Ran at 21% VP$IP and 16% Pre-Flop Raise percentage
  • Only won 44% of my hands that went to showdown
  • Only won one hand that was a full buy-in (Lost two)
  • Only won one hand that was between 3/4 a stack and a full stack (Lost two)
  • Had 91 Pocket Pairs, 59 saw a flop, and only flopped two sets
  • Surprisingly, I was dealt pocket Aces 15 times!
  • Not Surprisingly, I only won about $15 off those hands, Just $1 per hand. WTF?
It was quite amazing. People were flopping sets and flopping flushes against me left and right. And the river has been brutal still too. One particular hand I raise PF with Queens. Donk min re-raises. I 4 bet it and he calls. Flop is JT4 rainbow. I lead full pot, and he pushes the rest of his small stack in. He has...... Pocket 9's. Wow, what did he think I had? He must have put me squarely on AK. Of course he gets rewarded on the river with a 9. Nice Hand Sir!

My two sets only netted me $11.35. Called a raise from the blinds with Pocket 5's and the flop was K52 rainbow. I check, and he doesn't cont bet. I lead the blank turn and he folds. 2nd one I re-raise with KK Pre-Flop and get called. Flop is KQJ. I lead 2/3 pot and he folds. Yipee.

After complaining in my last post about not getting Aces often, I finally was dealt them at better than twice the normal rate. How did those 15 hands go?

2 times I got walks in the BB, so I won a whopping $0.50 each time.

There was a raise in front of me 4 of those times. I re-raised 3 times, and they folded each time. The 4th, I flat called from the BB. Flop was 866 rainbow. I check intending to check-raise, and he checks behind. Turn is a 5, and I lead and he calls. I call a small river bet, and he has 55.

9 times I was the first to raise PF. 5 of those times everyone folded. The other 4:
  1. Short Stack Donk calls raise. We get it all-in on the J84 flop. He has J5 and I win
  2. Get one caller and he folds to my flop bet
  3. Get one caller, he leads flop, I raise and he folds
  4. Brand new player posts blinds in the CO. I raise from the blinds and he calls. He flops a flush with his JTs. He min-raised on Flop, I call small turn bet after blank turn, and then he checks behind on the river after a blank river. huh?
So out of 15 times being dealt Aces, I only win one where I make $25 or more. I get to showdown in only three of those, and win only one. That is just pathetic.

Hopefully things will turn around soon.



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