Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Results

April was a pretty decent month. It was shaping up to be one of my best months ever, but the last week or so (Really, a 1200 hand stretch in there) wasn't good. Here is the graph for the whole month of April

That stretch from hand 8300 - 9900 was really brutal. I don't think I played too bad, there were just a bunch of weird hands and coolers in there. In that span, I was shown KQ twice (With me having either AK or AQ), T3o, and J9o in hands where I re-raised them PF, and their crappy hands ended up winning. The T3o hand was the worst. He bet, I re-raised PF and he called. Flop was like 863 rainbow. We got it all-in on the flop, and he ends up winning. Fun Fun!!


I'm pretty much just playing at Full Tilt now. I was playing some at Prima, but I haven't logged on there in a couple weeks. The software, plus the ability to datamine 16 tables at once is too big of an advantage. I hadn't played regularly at Full Tilt in the past because I thought that it was mostly made up of tight nit's, but I have definitely been proven wrong on that account.

So lets take a look at the numbers.
  • 100 NL 6-max: +843.49
  • MTTs: -$60.64
  • Prima Rakeback: +$32.11
  • Full Tilt Bonus: +$50.00
April Grand Total: +$864.96

I didn't include the rakeback I will get from Full Tilt, because I don't get that until later in May. But I figure to make about $170 from rakeback. PokerTracker says I put in a total of 40.3 hours. If you add all that up, I made about $25.68 an hour. Not too bad for 100 NL if you ask me.

Since I will be playing mainly at Full Tilt for the foreseeable future, I want to look a little deeper at my numbers.
  • 9617 hands, 33 hours MT Ratio of 3.55 ($26.10 per hour not including rakeback)
  • 4.48 PTBB/100 (equivalent to 8.96 BB's, or $8.96 at 100NL)
  • VPIP = 20.1, PFR% = 14.2
All of that is pretty respectable. I wouldn't mind playing a little tighter though, and I am working on that.

I also did a lot of Datamining. I have 5000 hands or more on 42 players, so let's compare me to them. Out of the 42 people, I was the 12th best in terms of PTBB/100. Here is part of that list, with their VPIP and PFR% numbers next to them.
  • 14.25 PTBB/100; 16.8/14.5
  • 9.13; 21.5/15.8
  • 8.73; 19.1/9.6
  • 7.65; 24/17
  • 6.53; 29/21
  • 6.31; 19/15
  • 6.24; 18.4/9.6
  • 5.61; 17.6/11.4
  • 4.97; 22/16
  • 4.85; 18/11
  • 4.51; 16.5/9.7
  • 4.48 - yours truly

  • -5.95; 22/7.6
  • -6.25; 21/8
  • -6.66; 26/17
  • -7.30; 21/12
  • -8.30; 26.5/7.6
Pretty interesting stuff. Granted, I can't datamine every hand, so everyone on that list for sure has many more hands, but I think after 5000 hands you get a pretty good idea how someone plays or how they are running. And Holy Cow! 14.25 PTBB/100. That's insane. I thought I was running super hot the first 2/3 of the month, and I was only at 10.75 PTBB/100!


I finally purchased PokerAce HUD this past weekend. I had been getting by by using Gametime+ to display stats, but after watching some of FruityPro's videos at CardRunners, he sold me on the power of PA HUD. I now have a set-up just like him, and I am really liking the extra information it is giving me. Most especially are the continuation-bet numbers that it spits out. I basically can know before hand if someone is going to call my continuation bet, and I think it has saved me a lot of money. Thanks FruityPro!

I thought May was going to start off great this morning, because there was an extra abundance of idiots on the tables. I ran across one guy was running at 95/60 and another at 60/30. I was able to take some money off of the first (I was out of position and just called huge Pre-flop, flop, and turn bets. he didn't bet the river and showed K2o for no pair no draw). But the 2nd guy, I couldn't hit anything against him. And then I lost a few pots to short stacks when they open limped from the CO or button, I raised from the blinds, and then they pushed all-in. AK < TT and AQ < AK

Good luck!

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