Thursday, April 19, 2007

Back On The Good Side Of Varience

Since my last post, I've been running really good. I've put it just over 1700 hands, and have made $636! That is 18 PTBB/100. Not bad! The highlight was this mornings sessions, where I won almost $400.

I haven't been getting all that great of starting hands during this run, but the cards are falling my way. I've only had four sets, and one of them was a loss (I'll post that hand down below). I haven't been getting too many big pairs, and I haven't won any big pots from AA or KK in this run. I did run Pocket Kings into a very aggressive players Aces though. And I have won a few suckouts during this stretch too. Finally, right?!?!

Here are some of the big hands:

This was later on in the day on Monday after I made my whining post. I finally got paid off on a set! Though I am really surprised he paid me off. I think I could have easily gotten away from AK on that board. I probably should have flat called somewhere in there.

What does this guy think I have? AK? What is he doing with 3's? Thanks for the donation

Not sure what to say about this hand. He was playing really tight, like 14/11. Nice flop for his crappy hand, and he hits on the turn. Oh well

Here is the KK vs AA hand. Villain was running really loose and aggressive. Like 35/24 or something like that.

One of my sets. I think I got the most I could have out of this hand.

One of my suckouts. I played this one pretty bad, but I thought I had some good fold equity. My re-re-raise is probably ok, but my call of his push is bad.

A fun little blind on blind hand with a very scary flop. When the Turn came another King, I went for the check-raise. I figured he either had nothing and could induce a bluff, or I could push him off a hand like AQ or AJ. I knew that the only way someone calls that bet is if they themselves have a king.

Normally I fold a weak hand like 86o to a re-raise. But he raised so small, I had to call. And then when he checked the flop, I knew I could take a free card and hopefully improve my hand. Just an overall terrible hand for my opponent.

Bluff some more dude! This hand was great. TP 3rd kicker and a flush draw. I purposely checked the turn because I thought the Jack didn't help their hand. And aggressive players will always bet if they are checked to on the turn if you are the PF raiser and throw out a continuation bet. I checked the river when my card hit because I was fairly certain villain would bet and was planning to check-raise. I didn't expect the shove, so I happily called with my flush. This hand played out perfectly.

And finally, another suckout for me. I had tangled with this guy before, and thought he was making a play on me. I figured I was ahead of his range. Unfortunately, K7 wasn't what I thought he had. But I hit my Ace on the River and took home the nice pot. Thanks for calling my PF raise with K7!

There you have it. I'm having my best month in a long long time *knocks on wood*




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