Monday, April 09, 2007


I have a renewed confidence in my game lately. And I think a lot of it is coming from the CardRunners videos I've watched. I can't stress enough how much these videos have improved my game. Listening to an expert play poker and knowing what is going on inside their head has taught me a lot.

I didn't play very much this weekend due to the holiday, but the short amount of time I did put in, I thought I was on top of my game. I'm playing more tight and aggressive, and following the points I made in my last post. I didn't win much money, but I was making sound decisions. I think I made only one big mistake.

I had Aces on the button, and raised it up to my standard amount. The SB and the UTG both called. Both of them have only around a 50% stack, and both were playing pretty loose, running around 35/10 or so. The flop came KQ4 rainbow. They both checked the flop, and I threw out a standard continuation size bet. Both called. Yuck. The turn was a Ten, and the SB led out for the rest of his stack, which was right around full pot. Then UTG called! I made the mistake of calling too. That should have been an easy fold. There is no way my over pair is good here anymore. One of them has to have at least KQ, and even possibly a set of 4's. For me to win, they would have both had to have hands like KJ or AQ, and the likely hood that my overpair was better than both of their hands was low. River was another Queen, and my hand was no good versus KQ and KJ (buddy list time for the KJ guy. WTF?)

I had one other tough hand this morning. I had pocket Tens in mid-position, and raised it up a standard amount. The BB, who had me covered, quickly called. Flop was [2d] [3d] [5s]. He quickly leads for full pot! I decide to raise here, so I triple his bet. He immediately smashes the Bet pot button, and I decided to fold. I'm not really sure if I made the correct decision or not. He could easily have a bigger pocket pair than me. His quick actions really threw me off. I almost called, because don't they always say that "Strong means Weak, and Weak means Strong"?

One other thing of note from this weekend: I did a lot of data mining at Full Tilt this weekend. On Saturday night, I was looking at the data I collected from Friday night to Saturday night, and there was this one guy who's stats were unbelievable. So I looked into it a little more. This guy was 12-tabling the 6-max 100NL games. In that 24 hour or so period, I had over 2000 hands on him, and he had profited over $1000! In One Day! Playing 100NL!!!! He was running at over 25PTBB/100. Granted, I can't have all of his tables open at once, so maybe he was losing on those, but give me a break! That is insane.


Watched the Sopranos last night. I thought it was kind of Blah. Tony's sister is so annoying. I know that the writers are probably just building up a storyline, but we get it. The Soprano family is dysfunctional and screwed up. Move on to something entertaining please. It's the last season for crying out loud.


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