Thursday, April 12, 2007

Uggg, I'm Being Rivered To Death

I've been able to get in a good amount of hands the last 2 days (for me anyhow). I stepped up to 5 and 6 tabling the 100NL 6 max games. Since I last posted, I've put in almost 1300 hands (running at 7.31 PTBB/100). Not bad, when for the last couple months, I've only been getting 8000 or so hands a month.

This graph should be a lot prettier, but I'm getting rivered to death. This morning I lost 3 big pots, and all of them gave my opponent their 2-5 outer on the river:
  • TPTK up against bottom pair 3rd kicker. He hits his 5 outer on the river.
  • Top pair 2nd kicker (KQ) vs a donk who has K3. 3 on the river.
  • And the worst one, AA vs QQ. We get it all-in on the turn with all unders on the board. Queen on the River.
Instead of being up only $22 up from this morning, I should be up $322. I guess I shouldn't complain too much. It's just the ass end of variance getting me now. I'm still booking a small profit, and if you're still making money while variance is kicking your butt, you gotta be happy.

I've also flopped my fair share of sets, but I haven't been paid off on one yet. Not one of those hands has made it past the turn. WTF?

Not too many interesting hands to talk about. Just those bad beats. I guess I can talk about a couple of my sets from the last few days. I'm not sure if I played them correctly or not.

Just call his flop bet? I suppose the only way I am getting any more money from him is if he has an Ace, regardless of if I call or raise here. No ace from him, means no more money for me.

Obviously this guy was a fish, but do you check behind on the river, or fire another bet when the flush card hits? Does betting here get a worse hand (a hand with no flush) to call?


I watched Lost last night. Finally a great episode!! Questions were finally answered. If you watch Lost, and haven't seen this episode yet, go and watch soon. It was very good. Finally!


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