Friday, May 04, 2007

May is Meh

I finally had a winning session this morning, but I'm still down for the month like a buy-in and a half or so. People flopping the nuts against me sucks. Especially when I have a hand myself. Here are some of the more interesting hands from the week

Dumbass me didn't re-raise AK Pre-flop. CO was 27/11 and the button was a donk. Then CO flops the nuts. Hooray
Another mistake with AK. One should never just call a 4-bet with AK. Either Push or Fold. Yikes!
I think I played this hand fine. I fire out a standard cont-bet, and if he called or raised, I was pretty much done with the hand. But the turn give me the straight. I wanted to keep the pot small, so I planned on checking behind and call any blank river. Again, villain flops the nuts with KTo. Dude was 47 VPIP/14 PFR%
Another fun hand against a maniac. He was 55/35. I have a really hard time folding Overpairs against donks. He probably does the same thing with any Queen and probably just air too.
Icha-wa-wa. Not sure what to say about this hand. He calls the flop with no pair, no draw, and just two overcards. Him having two spades wasn't anything close to what I put him on. His stats were 42/4 and a big loser. I should have bet the turn, but if he calls the flop with that hand, he for sure is calling anything on the turn with his flush draw
A 30/14/1.13 (Aggression Factor) check-raises with complete air and hits his 3 outer on the turn. I definitely should have re-popped him on the flop.
This hand was really weird. I actually think I was colluded against here, because both the people in this hand left the table and logged off right afterwards. The SBs play is absolutely terrible. There is no way he can think his hand is good after my raise and the CO cold calls. I probably shouldn't have called after the cold-call and raise all-in, but it wasn't that much more, and there was so much in the pot. Oh well.
Lets end on a happy note.




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