Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm still alive

Sorry to the few that come here and read for not posting much lately. I haven't played all that much the last few weeks. Plus, I'm on a downswing. I was up a good $500 for a while there in March, but ended the month and pretty much even. Blah.

I've been so card dead these last few weeks its unbelievable. I am hardly flopping any sets, and when I do, most of them lose. I've had two set over set losses, and it seems in the others, I'm getting out drawn left and right. The worst was a blind on blind battle with me in the BB and pocket Queens. He had Aces in the SB and we both flopped sets. Yikes.

I had a decent session this morning booking a $100 win in about 250 hands. No Aces, no Kings, and no sets though.

Here were the two big hands from this morning:

I raise up ATo from the button and get the SB to call. Flop is T, 6, 6. He checks and I throw out a continuation bet and he quickly calls. I figure him for a big pocket pair and he is trying to trap me. The turn is another Ten, giving me Tens full of sixes, which is the nuts. He checks and instead of slowplaying, I bet again, and he quickly calls. The river is the last Ten giving me Quads. He checks and I push all-in, which was about 1.5-2x pot. He quickly calls again. Ha! Prima doesn't show mucked hands, so I have no idea what he had. Had to have been JJ-AA.

The last one was with a half stack when the table got down to 3-handed. I was in the BB with Queens, and the button raised it up 4x BB. I re-raise to $12 and he calls. Flop is J, J, 2. I continuation bet, and he goes all-in and I quickly call. He flips over Pocket 7's. Turn was a 7, hitting one of his two outs, but the river a Queen giving me a bigger boat. Ship it!


I finally got around to watching last weeks episode of Lost. And let me tell you, "WTF"? That was the worst episode ever. I think that may have been the "jumping the shark" episode. What a complete waste of time.

I'm so glad The Shield and The Sopranos start this week!


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