Monday, January 29, 2007

The Good News, and the Bad News

The Good News: I won $112 playing poker from Friday night to this morning.
The Bad News: At one point over the weekend, I was up $959!

Yep, figure that one out. I was able to play quite a bit on Friday night, and won close to $400. Saturday started off great, and I found a few fish, and grew my profit up to close to $1000! But then everything went sour. I was up big on a 200NL table, and the table started to break. I don't play heads up often, but when the table started losing players, the only two left were me and this other guy who I didn't think was very good. Well, it doesn't matter how good you are if you hit top pair or better about 70% of the time.

I couldn't believe it. This guy hit everything. After losing another pot to him when I had top pair plus a flush draw, I ended up leaving (He had an overpair). I definitely played really bad against him, and I should have never playing heads up to begin with.

Then the beats came. And there were plenty of them from late Sat until this morning.

KK vs QQ all-in PF: Queen on Turn
AQ vs AJ all-in PF with a half stack. Two jacks on the flop
AK vs 98 all-in PF with another half stack. He wins.
AQ vs A2s. He flops nut flush to my TPTK, and I almost lose my whole stack.
AA vs JT. Dude hits open-ended straight on river to take most of my stack.

AK has been killing me lately. The chance of hitting an Ace or a King on the flop is 35%.

The last 9 times I've had AKo or AKs, I hit an Ace or King on the flop once (villain also had AK, so we chopped)
The last 24 time I've had AKo or AKs, I hit an Ace or King on the flop only THREE times! (with one of those being the tie)

It's hard to win money when you don't hit a flop.


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