Friday, January 26, 2007

Yikes, I haven't updated in a while

Poker has been going ok this past week. I think I am up, plus I cleared the BETUS poker bonus, which netted me a cool $500. I played quite a few hands on Wednesday, totaling close to 1000 hands. That is the most I have done in a long time. I ended up winning about $250, so it was a good day. It would have been a lot higher, if it wasn't for some river suckouts by my donkish opponents. There were a total of three big hands that I lost, and if my opponent doesn't river me, I am $650 richer.

The worst one was at 200NL with me seeing a free flop with 86o, and the flop K86 rainbow. Idiot bets pot, I triple it. Turn is an Ace. He leads out for 1/3 pot, and I put him all in. He shows K9!! River is a nine, and I lose a $290 pot.

Next one was with me hitting top set with Kings on a KQT rainbow board. We get it all in and he has QJ. River is an Ace for a $160 pot.

And finally, getting it all-in on the turn against another super-agro donk, and he has a open ended st draw. Two of his outs give me the flush, so he only has 6 outs, but of course hits. $200 pot.

It's amazing how often terrible play is rewarded over at Tribeca. 5 outs, 8 outs, 6 outs. Hit, Hit, Hit. Am I surprised? Not really.


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