Monday, January 15, 2007

Blah, 4 day losing streak

I'm on a small losing streak right now. I haven't lost too much money in those 4 days, but it still sucks to lose. I've been throwing in a few more SNGs lately too, but haven't won one since my nice $200+ day. On Saturday, KK couldn't beat AJ, and AK couldn't beat A9 all-in PF on both. On the cash game front, I've probably lost a buy-in or so. The big hand was me losing to a "buddy" of mine when he flopped Quads. I had AJ and the flop was J, 2, 2. Turn was an Ace, giving me top two pair. There is no way I'm getting away from that hand against this guy. Oh well. I'm thinking of playing a little more 200NL this week. My results the last couple months are better at that higher limit than at 100NL. Figure that one out. More proof that Tribeca is crazy. I actually played some cash games at PokerStars for a little while and won. Amazing!


Season Premier of 24 was on last night. I enjoyed it, and I think that this is going to be a good season to watch. I'm not really buying the whole "Jack Bauer" isn't himself story. One minute he's yelling at people to drop their weapon, and then the next minute he's being a wuss. Hey writers, try and make it a little consistent please.

One thing that I hope for this season is to go easy on all of the spies and double agents in the government/CTU. It kind of gets a little too unbelievable when everyone turns out to be a bad guy. Doesn't the government in "24" do background checks? They average a spy every month it seams. Give me a break. I wonder who in President Palmer's "Inner Circle" is really going to be working for the bad guys?

Oh, and all of the torture is getting a little old. Can we please limit the torturing to one person per episode please?
How about "tricking" the bad guy into telling you what you want? Or maybe the good ole "piece of paper in his pocket with the bad guy's plans" scenario. Or maybe the plans are in that R2 unit over there. Anything is better than the torture. Oh look, Jack is stabbing another guy in the knee. Yahoo.

We also watched Desperate Housewives last night. I usually get a few chuckles from this show. Most of the story lines that are going on now are pretty good. One thing that I didn't like was the Zach wooing Gabrielle thing. After last season, when Zach inherited all that money, I figured they'd bring that character back some how. But bringing him back and chasing Gabrielle? Come on, that's just plan dumb. Shouldn't he be in High School still? It will also be interesting to see how they wrap up the Bree/Orsen/Alma story line. My guess is that it was really Alma who killed Monique. One thing that I am confused about last nights episode, is that they showed Bree putting the Teeth back where she found them, and then they show her holding them later. WTF?



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