Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Broke the Losing Streak, but...

Holy Cow! Massive swings! Tribeca is Crazy I tell you! CRAZY!

I've been playing a little bit more at 200NL. I decided that I would play mainly at 200NL and set a stop loss of 5 buy-ins. With the amount I am up so far this month, and with the Big Bonus I am due at BetUS Poker, that if I do happen to lose 5 buy-ins, I'll have broken even for the month, and I can move back to 100NL.

Here is the graph of me 3 tabling 200NL yesterday.

Hand 1: I'm seated between two total donks. The one I have position on, and the villain of this hand will raise with bottom pair or nothing. I think he folds only when he has no draw, no pair and not backdoor draws. Anyways, I lose ~$50 with AJ when I raise big PF, I make a 3/4 + pot cont bet, and he calls. He immediately went all-in on the turn. I folded.

Hand 2: After getting crap cards (J8 three times, and Q9 twice) in about 3 orbits, I finally pick up a good hand. Aces on the button. Donk#1 min-raises PF. I re-raise PF to $15. Donk #2 who sits behind me in the SB min-raises me. Donk #1 folds. I make the mistake of only calling, hoping to get it in after the flop. Flop is Q, T, 3 with two hearts. Donk #2 Checks. I bet, he min-raises, and I go all-in. He calls with his QTo. I lose ~ $184. I should have re-re-re-raised PF, but I doubt he would have folded.

Hand 3: After taking a little break, I find another juicy table. I'm in the BB with AQo. EVERYONE at the table limps. I raise it up to $15 PF. I get two callers. They both have VP$IP greater than 70%. (One as a short stack, the other has a full stack). Flop is A, Q, 6 with two hearts. Pot is around ~$48. I lead out for $32. Shortie folds. Other dude calls. Turn is a blank. Pot is at $112. I bet $85. He calls. River is The Nine of Hearts. He only has like $40 left, and I put the rest of it in. He has K5 of hearts. I lose ~ $200. Nice Chase there dude.

Hand 4: I get involved in a hand with the other donk, who is a short stack and only has $25. All-in PF. I have The King of Hearts The King of Diamonds. She has The King of Clubs The Ten of Hearts. Flop is The Three of Spades The Two of Clubs The Six of Clubs. Turn and River are both Clubs.

I'm now down $455 in 45 hands. But do I quit against these fools? Hell no.

Hand 5: I get Aces and raise it up and 2 people call. I flop a set, but no one wants to play with me after the flop. + $22

Hand 6: UTG shortie raises small PF. I re-raise with pocket 8's. He re-raises all-in, and I have to call. He has Kings. I flop a set and win. + $45.

Hand 7: A 50/10 guy min-raises UTG. I call in the BB with Pocket 7's. Flop is T, 4, 4. I check, he bets 2/3 pot, and I check-raise. He calls. Turn is a 6. I lead out for $40, and he calls. River is a 9. I check, intending to give up, but he checks behind, and I win the pot. Musta had AK, but what the heck is he doing calling that turn bet? + $75.

Hand 8: Same table as above. I get Jacks UTG. I raise it up, and get one caller. Flop is Q, 7, 6 with two diamonds. I bet 2/3 pot and he calls. Turn is 9h. I check, and he bets really small, like 1/4 pot. I decide to call here and evaluate River. Probably a mistake. River is 5s. I don't think he has an 8 for the straight, or a Queen. I'm thinking a diamond draw. So I make a half pot blocking type bet. He calls. But I drag the pot. What the heck did he call with? He shows T9 of spades. So he called my flop bet with a gutshot. Nice. + $75.

Hand 9: The person I lost the KK vs KT hand above now has a stack of $47. I get Kings again on the button and raise. A limper and This idiot call. Flop is Q, 3, 2 with two hearts. Idiot goes all-in, which is just over the size of the pot. The limper calls! I go all-in, and the limper folds. Sad Idiot has QT, and no suckout this time. + $85.

Hand 10: And then the big hand. Same table as above. This time, I get Aces again. UTG bets 4xBB. I re-raise to triple his bet. BB donk flat calls (The limper from the above hand), as does UTG. They both have $240, and I cover. Flop is J, 7, 6 rainbow. They both check, and I bet close to the size of the pot. The flat caller dude folds. UTG thinks for a long time and calls. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have Jacks. I'm thinking Kings or Queens. Jacks would have raised here I think. Turn is another 7. UTG checks, and I bet enough to put him all-in, which is about 3/4 size of the pot. He thinks a really really long time and finally calls with his pocket Kings. No two outer on the river for him, and I drag one of my biggest pots ever, $510. + $275.

So, the net of my hour at 200NL? 159 hands. + $92. And + lots of excitement. Whew.


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