Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hurray for SNG's! (And House is back on Fox tonight!)

When I was on my hot streak back in April/May, I mixed in quite a few SNGs with my cash game play. I think I need to start doing this again. I played a set of four SNGs yesterday with positive results. I played a $50, $25, $25 Speed, and a $20 Speed all at the same time over at Tribeca. I got 1st place in the $50, 2nd in the $25, and 3rd in the $25 Speed for a nice profit of just over $200. I played nice, patient poker, and it paid off. The Speed SNGs at Tribeca are crazy, as the blinds go up every 3 minutes, which translates to every 4 or 5 hands! Ouch!

There were quite a few fun hands for me during this run. I limped with pocket 7's along with about half the table. The flop was J77. I slowplayed and called a small bet on the flop. The turn was another J. Too bad the other player obviously didn't have a Jack, cause he folded to my turn raise. I won another big pot with AA when I raised PF and got three callers. Flop was A, J, 5 rainbow. Got all-in against two others and one showed A8 and the other showed QT. Lots of fun!

The strategy that I have been using at the Tribeca SNGs is a little bit different that what I would normally play. You can't really get people to fold, especially PF at Tribeca, so I have been doing more limping and seeing some cheap flops. The post-flop play is especially brutal, so I know that I can outplay them after the flop. Gutshots and middle pair are gold to most of the people.


For Christmas, the one present that I asked for was a record player. I want to start collecting some old classic rock albums and listen to them in their original format. Ya, I know, pretty geeky, but I can't deny the inner nerd in me. My wife got me a pretty nice record player that has a built in amplifier and plugs straight into my receiver. I didn't have an existing record collection, so the only record I could try out on my new toy was a few cheap records she found at the salvation army. The only one that I was familiar with was a Blood, Sweat, and Tears album, with one song that I recognized from the radio.

Yesterday though, I picked up a couple old Beatles albums. Specifically the Red and Blue Albums, which are some Greatest Hits Double Albums. And WOW! They sound great! I'm really looking forward to scrounging around some garage sales and auctions this summer looking for classic rock LPs. Should be fun!


We get our Cable service through Charter, and we have their DVR system plus all the HD channels. I love DVR. I can't believe we went this long without it. And it records in HD too, so you gotta love it. It makes watching TV so much easier.

The first shows to come back from the holiday break that we watch were My Name is Earl and The Office. We don't watch these two all of the time, just when there is nothing else to watch. So we watched last Thursday's episodes last night. Earl was pretty funny, but I think I am starting to get burnt out on it. It has its funny moments, but not as often as when the show first started. I'd have to give that episode a solid C.

I really enjoy The Office. Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight, is frickin hilarious. And of course Steve Carrell is really funny. I always get a lot of laughs from this show. My wife doesn't care much for it though.

One thing that I think needs to change with the show are all the inter-office romances. I mean come on! Pretty soon, every one there will be dating or seeing someone in the office. Dwight/Angela, Michael/Jan, Pam/Jim/Roy, Ryan/Kelly! Enough already! If Stanley and Phyllis hook up, I'm not watching this show any more. Oh, and the Andy character is kind of annoying.

Tonight House is back on! I'm looking forward to this episode, as I hear that they finally wrap up the Police story line. Both my wife and I really enjoy House. I even got her season 2 on DVD for Christmas as we didn't really start watching House until this season. With so many shows these days having a very continuous plot line, it is nice to have a few shows like this that you can watch and don't need to know what happened the week before. Of course, we do watch House every week, but other shows like this that we enjoy are the Law & Order shows, and the two lesser CSI's (Though we both hate Horatio Cane. Uggg, get rid of Caruso already!).



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