Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finally got in a decent amount of hands yesterday

A lot of hands for me anyways. Played for a few hours last night while doing Christmas Cards. Got in just under 500 hands over at Betuspoker (Tribeca Site). Since I was doing other things too, I played just two tables at once. Mostly at 100NL, but about 100 or so hands were at 200NL.

Check out the graph from last night. Up and down and up and down. Uggg. All that, and I only won $55.

I ran across quite a few bad players. Unfortunately, they usually got the best of me right away. But I stuck with it, and eventually they busted out, like most players do when they play 80% of their hands. One of these guys was up to $450 at a 100NL table, and 100 hands later, they had zippo.

The big drop around hand 360 were from back-to-back hands at one of the tables. I had AK and raised it up on the button. One of the PF limpers called, and I hit TPTK. He checked, I bet, and he called. The same thing happened on the turn. On the River, another blank came, and he checked again. I should have just checked behind, even with TPTK, but I threw out a value bet of about 2/3 pot. He then min-check-raises me. Ugg, I wonder if he has a set? You usually don't see too many check-raises on the river. Usually they will bet because they want to guarantee themselves getting some extra money. They are too afraid of the player with position checking behind and losing some value.

Then the next hand, I get AQ and again make a standard raise after a few limpers. This time the big donk calls my bet. I ended up wiffing on the flop and turn, and he called both my bets on the flop AND turn with T2o after pairing his 2 on the flop. Yessir, he called me down with bottom pair.

Oh well, even though I didn't win much, it was the first time in a long time that I actually had some fun while playing poker. I felt like I was playing pretty good and got into a groove. Too bad the variance at a crazy site like Tribeca is super high.



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