Friday, December 15, 2006

Not much poker this last week

I've only played 475 hands since last Friday. But I'm up a good $430 though, so I'm happy about that. It would be $220 higher if I didn't run my Kings into Aces All-in PF. Oh well. I have a hard time folding Kings PF at the 6 max games. I was on the button with Kings, and there was a raise in front of me. I re-raised and then the BB went all-in. I had to call.

I've been playing over at Eurolinx and a new Tribeca site. I am halfway done with the $250 bonus at Eurolinx, but I don't know if I am going to be able to finish it up in time. I have until the end of the month. The problem is that the games at the Tain network just aren't that great. Not many tables get above 40% in the VP$IP stat. And then it is even more rare to find a table that also has a average pot greater than $10 (at 100NL). I'm thinking there are just a lot of tight bonus whores playing there.

But I was lucky enough to find another $500 bonus at Tribeca, the home of the crazy players. I love this site. Hopefully the impending merge of Tribeca with another network doesn't happen anytime soon. I have until the end of February to finish this one, so I should complete it.

Here is an example of a hand that I played the other day. I have no idea what this dude had.

I'm on the button with Pocket 3's. I have about $150. Villain is UTG and has me covered. Villain limps in, MP folds, and then the CO raises to $4. I re-raise with my threes to $13. Both blinds fold. UTG flat calls, and the CO raiser folds, so it is heads up with $31.50 in the pot. Flop is Q, 6, 4 rainbow. He checks, and I bet out $20, hoping to take it down here. I'm representing a big hand with my re-raise, so I felt I had a good chance to take the pot down here.

He ends up calling. Uggg. Pot is now at $71.50. But the turn is a beautiful three, which also completes the rainbow, so there are no flush draws out there (though 75 and 52 just completed their straight). He checks the turn, and I bet out again for $40. Again, he just flat calls. Now I am really worried about him having a higher set.

The river is an 8. He checks again, and I push the rest of my $70 in. The hands that beat me are: 52, 75, QQ, 88, 66, 44. He ended up calling my river bet, and I dragged the pot and he mucked. Tribeca doesn't show mucked hands, so I still have no idea what he had.

What do you think? Should I have just checked the river and induced a worse hand to bluff? Obviously the result of the hand is good, but I am not sure if I played it optimally. And he obviously played it bad, no matter what he had. Did he put me on AK and called with QJ? Tens maybe? But if the villain was a good player, I think that my river bet wasn't good, because I just don't see a good player calling with anything that I beat. They are only going to call with a hand that beats me. Opinions?


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