Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm back

Anyone missed reading me? It looks like I am still getting a few hits according to statcounter. Sorry for not updating much lately. I've been taking a nice little break from the poker. I've only played twice in the last two weeks. Lost $120 one day last weekend, then I played a little this morning and actually won $140.

I can attribute my break to two things:

First, I am getting sick of the bad luck I have been getting lately. It is quite unbelievable. I won't bore you with any bad beat stories, but there have been many. But what is more amazing is that there is just plain old more bad luck than bad beats. Running into the nuts, flopping a few monsters but not getting paid off, getting my fair share of pocket pairs, but the two at the bottom of the list being Aces then Kings, set over setted, etc...

When ever someone complains about results or cards, everyone always says, "Ya, but that is short term results. Look at your stats after 10,000 hands, and that will give you a better idea of your play". Well, I took at a look at my last month and a half stats, and I had about 8,927 hands. 8,927 hands is quite a bit, so I should be able to look at my results and see that I get a pocket pair every 17 hands and that I get a set for every 8 pocket pairs, etc...

In 8,927 hands, I have gotten 520 pocket pairs. I am getting statistically the correct number of pocket pairs (8927 / 17 = 525). Unfortunately, I am not getting Aces and Kings as often as I should (27 for Aces, 28 for Kings). I should be seeing about 40 of each pocket pair. It kinda sucks that the two bottom ones on my list have to be the two best starting hands. The top four? Pocket 5's, then 9's, 4's, and finally 7's. Hooray.

I have seen the flop on 391 of those Pocket Pairs. I have flopped 36 sets (two of those where actually flopped quads). One should flop a set 12% of the time. Out of 391 flops seen, I should have seen 47 sets. I'm a good eleven below average. Argg! Yuck, 36 sets in 8927 hands.

On average, I am winning 26.2 BBs per set. That seams kind of low to me. Of those 36 sets, I have won more than 100BBs four times.

Lets assume for a moment, that I did flop 47 sets. That would be 11 more sets. Of those 11, lets say 7 were at 100NL, and 4 at 200NL. That would be an extra $183+$210=$393. That's a pretty significant improvement to ones PTBB/100, dontcha think?

And the 2nd thing I can attribute my break too is the game Company of Heroes. It was on sale at Best Buy a few weeks back, and right now, that game is much more fun than poker right now. Maybe I'll start playing a little bit more poker, especially if this mornings results are any indicator to my luck. I got lucky in that I was playing four tables, and I un-clicked the auto-post blind button and was about to finish up. The very last hand I played this morning, I get 7's UTG and make a standard raise. Only the BB calls. The flop came out A72 rainbow. The most perfect flop. Hopefully the BB has an ace. Well, he ended up having AK, and I stacked him. nh me!

Thanks for reading! Now go click the comments button right below here, and say Hi, just so I know that you are still checking out this here poker blog. I promise to start posting more! (maybe some Company of Heroes stories??? :) )


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