Friday, October 27, 2006

OMG, Poker content!

I finally had a good day at the poker tables yesterday. I played in Full Tilt's 20k guaranteed last night, and I finished in 63rd place (out of about 1350) for a whopping $62 (it cost me only $6.60 to get in as I won a token). I was in the top 10 in chips for a while with around half the field gone. I stayed in the top 30 or so for most of the way.

I think I played pretty good poker. I played tight, but actually opened up and stole a little bit more. I had one enormous suckout when the giant stack at my table made a terrible call, but was ahead anyways. This guy would go all the way to the river with any pair and any Ax hand. He called many PF all-ins with A2-A7 and always won. In our particular hand, I had a above average stack and he had me well covered. I was on the Button with AQ, and made a standard raise. He of course called. Flop was 357 rainbow. He led out full size pot bet and I re-raised all-in, thinking I could push him off his Ax. He called with pocket twos. The turn was another 3, and the river was a 7 making him play the board with his three pair.

I then played decent poker until we got down into the money. I lost a few hands to some short stacks, then doubled up a guy with a stack half the size of mine when my Kings couldn't beat his Jacks, even though I flopped a set. That hand was pretty much my death, as the blinds were so high, that my M was now at 5 ( Overall Chip Leaders M was 17). I ended up going out in 63rd when I pushed with ATs and the BB woke up with Kings. If I would have won that KK vs JJ hand, I think I could have made a good run at the final table.

It was fun though, and I was happy with my play.

I also did well in the cash games and was up a few buy-ins. It should have been more, but there were some pretty nasty beats. Oh well. I'm now back to even for the month, blah.

I'm starting to get a little burnt out on poker and doing the "grind". I've tried playing some SNGs the last couple days, but haven't even cashed in any, so that isn't any fun. I'm really starting to wonder if I can make any money off this game anymore. Since June, I'm pretty much breakeven on the poker front, and most of my profit is from bonuses. Now that that will dry up, I doubt I can make any money any more. I guess I can just start playing recreationally and just play tournaments once a week or so.

I haven't made any money over at Full Tilt since I've reloaded there. The play there is pretty Tight/aggressive. All of the sharks have seemed to migrate over there. I need to find a place to play that has crazy fish. I read a quote over at Iggy's the other day and he said that he would "rather play with Bubba from Texas than Sven from Sweeden". Well, the problem with that is that Bubba from Texas doesn't play poker anymore. The people that play poker in the evening US time are the serious US players. I would much rather play those crazy Europeans any day of the week. I've been having success at Prima the last couple weeks, so maybe I'll find a rakeback site there and start playing there more. Man, I wish I could play over at B2B still.



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