Monday, September 11, 2006

I Usually Do Good On Weekends

Not this past weekend.

Just your typical bad side of variance stuff. None of my draws were coming in. I couldn't get people to fold for the life of me, except of course those times I flopped a set (only four in about 1500 hands). I only got aces twice. I had people calling my 3/4 to pot size flop bets with gutshot straight draws, and then hitting on the turn. On two of those, I held two of the card that they needed, meaning, my pocket pair turned into three of a kind on the turn, but that card gave my opponent his straight (Two outer). That was tons of fun.

Then I went on aggressive monkey tilt and lost half a buy-in at 200NL and two buy-ins at 100NL (Ok, ok, some of it was bad play by me). I couldn't get anyone to fold!



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