Monday, July 24, 2006

Aces Are Good

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I just haven't played that much. And the poker play during the week last week just hasn't been that exciting. I had a pretty crappy showing on Wednesday morning when I got stacked by the same guy within about 20 hands. The first one he rivered his inside st draw. The 2nd one, I had pocket kings in late position and made a huge 10x BB raise pre-flop to get rid of the 5 or so limpers that had already limped in. He was the only caller. With 97o. The flop was 577. 577 is a good flop for kings. Or so I thought. Good play sir, good play.

This weekend was much better though. I am actually starting to feel a little bit better about my poker play. I've had three winning days in a row. It's been a while since that has happened. This morning, pocket aces were treating me well. I got them twice and won nice pots both times.

The first time, I get AA in Early position. UTG, who had half a stack ($50) open bet to $3. I raised to $9. It folded to him and he pushed. I called and he showed pocket Jacks. I ended up getting another ace on the flop and the river was the last ace for quads.

The 2nd time, I get aces in the Big Blind. Its folded to the CO who bets 4x BB. The button calls and I raise to $15. They both call. Flop was Q8x with two spades. I lead out and bet almost pot. Original raiser folds, but the button (who had me covered) pushes all-in. Its not that much more for me to call, so I do. He shows 97 of spades. He has 11 outs twice (flush draw plus inside st draw. I have the As). The turn and river are bricks, so I scoop a nice pot.

Considering the month I am having, it is amazing that I am only down about $350 for the month (which includes a pathetic $250 for bonus). And that is even with back to back negative 350+ days two weeks ago. So I guess I can be happy about that.



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