Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back In Action

Sorry for the whinny post a couple days ago. And thank to everyone who replied. I also copied my last post over at in their bankroll management forum and got some good advice there too.

Here is something from that thread and I had to share it here, because he is totally correct

"If you enjoy playing, then play what you enjoy. It's a hard way to make an easy living. If it's not your living, then why make it hard?

Enjoy the profits of your hard work.

Play where you enjoy it.

Rinse and repeat."

That's good advice. Why make it hard? Play where you enjoy it.

My plan is to take a good portion of my bankroll out, but to still have enough to comfortably play 100NL with some 200NL in there. I am thinking that a 5k bankroll is enough to enjoy those stakes and not be worried about going busto. I think the key is good game selection, especially at 200NL. I'm not going to grind away at some rockfest site for a measly $100 bonus. I'm confident that I will be back up to this 10k mark again soon, and by then I will hopefully be a better player and move up in limits as I see fit.

Another poster in the bet-the-pot thread said to maybe take 30% of my monthly profit out of the bankroll as a reward. That way I can enjoy some of this hard work, but also continue to build the bankroll.

So after taking a two day break from the poker, I fired up PartyPoker, desposited some more money (they have another bonus going on!), and sat down at one 100NL table. A few hands in, my wife came over and said that she wanted to finish reading an article online, so I let her sit down and finish that up. But I left the 100NL table open and told to fold any non-pair/AK hand and then sit out once the blinds hit. After she was done reading, she said that she wanted to take over at the table for me. I said sure, go ahead, and she sat in and posted the blind in the CO. I said, "This is your first ever online poker hand. You are going to be dealt pocket Kings". And sure enough, she got pocket Kings! I can see into the future! So I tell to raise it up, and the blinds and limpers folded. Oh well, not bad for her first hand. Then a few hands later, she was dealt QT of clubs in middle position. I told her to limp on in, and there were a total of 5 people to see the flop. The flop came a wonderful 9JK rainbow. She flopped the nuts! I had her bet about 3/4 pot and there was one caller. The turn was a blank and told her to bet 1/2 pot. The other dude min-raises, and I told her to slide this here slider bar all the way over to the right and go all-in. Dude called with K9 for two pair and the river wasn't another K or 9, so we won a nice $120 pot. Of course after this was done, she wanted to quit and take the profit and run, so we called it a night.

This morning I did pretty well over at Paradise and made about $150. Most of it was from two hands. The first one I had aces and won against someone with Kings. The second I won with pocket Queens when someone tried to bluff on the river with 67s.

So things are starting off well after my short break.


Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the worst bad beat from this weekend. I was out of beer, so I went to the liquor store on Saturday. I picked up my new favorite beer, Schell's Zommerfest. I also noticed that they were having a special on Grain Belt Premium. So I got a twelve pack of each of them. I should also note, that both of these awesome beers are brewed right here in Minnesota.

So I get home, and have one 12 pack in each hand. I bought a twelve pack of bottles, and they come in these cardboard type boxes with holes cut out on the side to carry them. Well, as I was carrying them over to my fridge in the garage, the cardboard ripped on the handle to the Grain Belt Premium and the box fell to the ground. Thankfully I was standing over a rug, so as it was falling. I was thinking, "Ah shit, hopefully that rug is enough of a cushion!" It landed and sure enough, I heard the sound of glass cracking. I grimaced and opened up the box, and it was half full of beer and had started to leak out the bottom. I quickly carried it over into the grass, but I left a nice long trail of spilled beer in the garage. Three of the twelve bottle shattered inside. What the heck? Can't we make beer boxes out of something other than flimsy weak cardboard?

Is that a bad beat or what!!??!!?!?


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