Monday, April 17, 2006

Past months results

I was going to put up a post detailing my results for February and March, but since they sucked so bad, I'll just give a quick rundown.

In Feb, I made $68.04 playing poker, and $415.54 in bonuses. Not too bad. March was really bad. I lost $455.54 playing poker and only got $326.15 in bonus. So I was in the red for March. Ouch.

50NL: +$135.38
100NL: -$356.10
Various Limit: -$19.50
SNGs (from $6 - $30): -$213.10 (Total of 81) about a -17% ROI

The only sites I won at were Martin's and Paradise.

So, Feb and March were really bad. April is going really good so far. My bankroll is around $4700 right now. I only have 10 more FPPs to collect before PokerStars gives me a $120 bonus. I cashed out of Martin's after receiving their bonus here the other day. I made 830 Euros from Bonuses at Martin's (Signup bonus, plus reload bonus, plus monthly cashback). From Poker, I made just over 700 Euro. So, from Martin's Poker, I made just over 1500 Euro, which is about $1800! I can't wait until there is another 5x B2B bonus out there. I love those crazy Europeans.

After finishing up with the PokerStars Bonus, I'll head over to Party Poker and do their $100 reload. I also plan on depositing over Doyle's Room too. I have a rakeback deal at Doyle's, and I heard the players there are really crazy. I also plan on trying out Full Tilt Poker by the end of the month.

Not too much poker this weekend. I booked a nice win on Sunday playing for a little while. I opened up two PokerStars 50NL tables, and got dealt Aces on both of them! Didn't win much on one of them, but doubled up on the other when some dude thought his 55 was good. This morning I won another $16 Turbo SNG. I was pretty card dead, but still alive with 4 left. I only had about 700 in chips, but there was another short stack to my right. I was in the BB and he in the SB and it was folded to him. He min-bet, and I wasn't going to give up my BB to the other short stack to that, so I defended with J4o. He called with A4. Oops. Jack on the turn kept me alive, and I was in the money on the next hand when he went out I then went on to win the whole thing. You gotta like that!


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