Thursday, February 09, 2006

Working on PokerRoom Bonus

I'm about half way done with the PokerRoom reload bonus. I put in $900 for a $90 bonus, and I am halfway there. I chose the Seahawks on their promotion, so I lost out on the double bonus. That's ok though, since clearing bonus at PokerRoom isn't the easiet.

I was running pretty well over their up until Tuesday. I was up probably $200 or so. But then I started losing again. I am still up, but not much. Maybe $60 or so. Some of those the loses were due to bad plays by me (Betting my trips on a scary board and then dude hit a straight, etc...), but I've had an increase in the suckouts. One hand, I pick up pocket Kings, I open raise from MP to 4x BB ($4). Button calls, BB raises it to $10. I just call, hoping to trap the button between us. If a no ace comes on flop, I'm betting big. Button does call. Flop comes J, T, 2 rainbow. BB goes all-in for his last $15. I just call hoping button calls too, but he folds. BB turns over pocket 9s! Turn 7, River 8. Nice hand sir, nice hand. Your pocket 9's are good.

Another hand where I raised PF, made a continuation size bet with middle pair, dude min raises me which turns out to be an inside straight draw. I call. Of course he hits his inside straight draw. This kind of stuff is fairly common at PokerRoom. Ya, ya, I know I want people to play like this against me, because in the long run, I will come out ahead, but it sucks that they are hitting their longshots.

I have some thoughts on slowplaying and playing AK that I want to get down, so look for a strategy type post from me in the next couple days. Wow!



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