Monday, February 13, 2006

Ugg, Pokerroom bonus finished

I don't think I will be going back to PokerRoom. I finally cleared the $90 bonus I had there. It took forever. I'll have to look in my poker tracker database, but clearing a bonus there at 50 NL and 100 NL is brutal. Do not try to clear a bonus there unless you play at least 200 NL or 3/6 limit.

With the bonus, I ended up down $0.45. that's right, I lost 45 cents. What a waste. It was very up and down playing there this past week. At one point during the past week, I was probably up $200 there. I'm not going to whine though. It was a combination of bad play by me, and being rivered up the ying yang.

I lost with KK against JJ with all the money getting in Pre-flop. Lost with a set of kings to runner runner straight. Lost with QQ against 55 when he flopped a set. Another hand, I had a open ended straight draw, with a flush draw. I hit the straight on the turn, but that gave opponent a inside straight draw. Of course he called my turn bet and hit his three outer the river. Lost with AK and TPTK (Top Pair Top Kicker). Dude rivered a flush with his 45 suited. And then got rivered again on another TPTK for me to a straight.

Oh sorry, I wasn't going to whine.

Oh, and whenever I got AA this weekend, it was always folded around to me, I make a little bet, and no one calls. I swear, it was almost like everyone could see my cards this weekend.

I have about 300 more hands at Paradise before that bonus is cleared. I then my try BetFred and also finish up the Martin's Poker bonus.


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