Friday, March 03, 2006

Finally an update

Sorry for not updating much lately. Nothing too exciting going on with my poker playing lately. My bankroll is almost exactly what it was two weeks ago when I last posted. I've been clearing bonuses over at Titan Poker and Caribbean Sun poker, both of which I signed up through Poker Source Online (link to the right). I'll end up getting 15,000 PSO points, so there is an extra $150 though.

I finally cleared the brutal bonus over at Titan. They have the worst bonus structure out there. I think I played about 5000 hands over two weeks at mostly $50NL full ring and six max, and only cleared $30 of bonus. Add to the fact I lost about $200, and I will definitely not be going back to Titan Poker. If it wasn't for the 9,000 PSO points, I would have never gone there.

I made up for the bad results at Titan by making a nice profit over at Sun Poker. I'd lose at Titan, but win at Sun, that is why my bankroll has been pretty flat the last two weeks. I am almost done with the PSO requirements at Sun. I'm not sure where I will go next. Probably finish up the bonus I have over at Martin's Poker.

I'll have February results up soon. They were not as good as January, but I was still positive in the poker playing category, so I am happy with that (even though it was under $100). With the bonuses cleared in Feb, I made probably around $500.


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