Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My good run continues

My good run continues (knocks on wood). When will it end? I'm sure pretty soon. I've been doing really good in SNGs the last couple days. My results from the last couple SNGs?

1st place in Party $20+2 SNG (+$78.00)
1st place in Stars $15+1 SNG (+$51.50)
3rd place in Stars $25+2 SNG (+$18.00)
3rd place in Party $20+2 SNG (+$18.00)
4th place in Stars $15+1 SNG (-$16.00)

and the big one:

First place in Stars 45 man $11 Turbo SNG! (+143.00)

This is my biggest cash yet. My biggest cash in a MTT up to this was when I placed 19th in a 600 person $10 MTT (for only a profit of about $30 or so), and I have won a $25 SNG for a profit of $85.50.

I'm not going to lie. I got extremely lucky. I was the short stack for most of the middle rounds. One thing that I did real well, was that I knew when to fold. I had hands where it would have made sense for me to push, but I knew that I would be up against multiple people, so I waited. I'm going to go through the hand history here and dissect my play. Just so you can see how lucky I got.

Levels 1 & 2:
I sat out these two levels (only about 9 hands) because I was trying to feed my son :)
--- Down to 1470

Level 3 (25/50):
I'm in the blinds and call a min-raise in my BB and complete my SB. Fold on the flop.
--- Down to 1320

Level 4 (50/100):
BB skips me (Ya!). I Get ATo in the SB. 1 limper, and I just complete, BB checks. Flop is J83 all hearts. I have none, so I fold to pot sized bet.
88 in EP. I limp. 3 other limpers but BB puts in big raise so I fold.
--- Down to 1120

Level 5 (75/150):
Fold my BB (54o) and SB (85o).
Down to 895. I'm in MP with AKo. 1 limper, and I push. Limper calls and has A2s. Board is: J9T4J. I win.
--- Up to 2015

Level 6(100/200):
Fold my BB to min raise (I had 82o).
In my SB, I'm dealt KQo. 2 limpers, and short stack goes all in for 350. It costs me 250 to call, but I decide to fold. Board is K75K7. I would have split with another person(who had KJ). Oh well.
--- Down to 1715

Level 7 (100/200 a25):
Get QQ in EP and I go all-in (I have a M of 3.5) and get the blinds.
I get J6 in the BB and see a free flop with the SB. Flop is 7JT rainbow. I bet little more than half pot and SB calls. Turn is a King, and we check it. River is a 2, and I fold to his half pot bet. I know, kinda weak, but 2nd pair no kicker is not a hand to be proud of.
Fold my SB (J7s)
--- Down to 1365 (About 22 or so left, and I must be in the bottom 2 or 3)

Level 8 (200/400 a 25):
I'm in the BB with 97o. UTG min-raises, and there are 2 callers. I have only 915 left after I post my blind, and even though I was getting 8:1 on my call, I would be pot committed, and I was pretty sure I couldn't beat 3 others, so I folded. AQ ended winning with two pair.
In my SB I get 86o. I fold to buttons all-in who then shows pocket 5's. Down to 690 and 18 left (2 tables).
Next couple hands, J3o, K2o, K4o, T4s, Q7o, and I fold them all.
Down to 565, I'm UTG with A6o, so I go all-in. It folds to the BB who obviously calls!!!!!! They have 95o! Board is 8228T, so I'm up to 1480.

This was the hand of the SNG for me. I mean, how can everyone (Including the big stack who had 7100 and in the SB, who only had to call 340 [Oh, and who I knocked out in 2nd place]) fold to the super short stacks all-in when I was UTG?!?!?! It was a full table! I definitely got lucky there.

Level 9 (300/600 a50): My M = 1.13
I fold my BB(K5s) to an all-in and another all-in.
I fold my SB(J4o) to all-in.
Down to 430. I've been here before.
There is another small stack to my right, and they go all-in. I also go all-in with J9s. SB and BB call, so there are 4 of us. Those two check it down to a board of: 84Q8J, and the river gives me the winning hand. I was up against: K6 (small stack), 53o (SB), and 55 (BB).
I quadruple up to 1920. Do you believe in miracles!

Next hand I get QJ in the CO, and I go all-in. BB calls and shows KJ. ugg. I'm dominated. Flop is QA9! He has 7 outs (four Tens, three Kings). Turn is a Ten! NOOO! I'm drawing to three outs to split (a King). Guess what comes on the river.

I'm at 2145, and in the BB, I get 77. MP goes all in, and I call. He shows A8o. Flop is 676. I like that flop. I double up to 4790, which is now just below average. We have probably 12-13 left.

Level 10 (400/800 a50): My M = 2.8
We're down to 5 people at my table, and I get JJ in MP. BB, who just has me covered calls and shows AJ. The last Jack comes on the flop, and I double up again to 8730. Opponent comments, "Can you get any luckier?" Nope, I can't. I'm now Big Stack at this table.
I get A2s in my BB, but fold to a 3x BB raise, even though I had him covered (by a little)
In my SB, I get pocket 6's. Min raise by UTG and short stack calls. I should have called here. They show AT and A6. Ace on Flop, Ace on Turn.
Down to final table. One person has 12,000 in chips, everyone else is between 5500 and 7900. I have 7400.

Level 11 (600/1200 a75): My M = 3.0
8 people left and we are on the money bubble. I'm UTG with 77, and I min-raise it here. Big stack goes all-in and I fold. With blinds this high, all it took usually to steal the blinds was a min-raise. It didn't work here.
In the BB, I get QQ, but it's folded to me :(
In the SB, I get AQ. 1 limper, and I just call. Bad play by me, but we were on the bubble, so I figured I could see a relatively cheap flop before committing all my chips. If an A or Q pop up, I will push. BB checks and the flop is 79J. I check as does BB, but limper bets. I fold, BB calls. Turn is a King. Limper takes it down with a nice size bet.
Next hand on the button I get AKs. Folds to me and I push. Short stack SB calls and shows AQ. King on the flop and I win. We're in the money.
--- I'm at 8740

Level 12 (1000/2000 a100): My M = 2.4
I'm in the BB. A slightly bigger stack goes all in and I call with AQ. He shows A9. Board is 2635J and I win. I'm now the big stack with 7 left.
In the SB its folded to me and I push with Q5 and take the BB.

Level 13 (1500/3000 a150) My M = 3.9
BB with AQ and its folded to me.
A couple of the short stacks get knocked out. I knock out 4th place guy with Q2 to his J8.

Level 14 (2000/4000 a200)
With 3 people left, we all had about the same stack sizes. With the blinds so high, we traded chips for a while. First hand of it being 3 handed I get KT, and I raise it. Well, they both go all-in so I folded and let them duke it out. One had KQ, other had J9, and J9 won.
I'm down to 10000, and the SB and get 87o. Button folds so I go all-in. BB who has 30000 in chips calls with 82. I flop 2 pair and turn a full house to double up.
A couple hands later I am small stack (by just a little) and get 99. I push it and get called by QJ. I win the coinflip to take the lead and cripple the other dude. 2 hands later I knock him out with A5 and hit 2 pair.

Heads up went pretty fast. I had 42k in chips, he had 25k.
Hand 1: [43o] He folds the SB
Hand 2: [T4o] I call and he checks. Flop is 95T. I bet pot and he calls. Turn is a 9 and he folds to my 2/3 pot bet. 56k to 11k
Hand 3: [73s] He folds the SB
Hand 4: [JTo] I put him all-in and he calls and shows 89o. Board is Q3QQ7 and I take it home.

It was a lot of fun, and I was extremely surprised I won it all. I hope I didn't use up all my luck on this one SNG.

My cash game is going ok. I doubled up and won a $130 pot when I hit trips on the flop against someone's Aces. I did get stacked once when I flopped the non-nut flush. I played it really fast, and I ended up losing to someone who flopped the nut flush. Ouch! I also tried a little 1/2 limit. Have I told you how much I hate limit? I pretty much played 3 big pots. One was were I had KK. Of course I lose to Aces (Ace on the river didn't help). Another I had QQ. I kept raising it up, and dude with TT keeps calling. Of course a Ten comes on the river. And then another were I raised in late position with KT. I flop the nut flush and play it fast. King on the river, and of course other guy had a Ten and kept calling with his Inside St draw so we split. Oh yes, I love Limit Poker.

I'm due my Martin's Poker Bonus and day now, so that will push my Bankroll well above 4000! Wow. Finally. I've been stuck around 3000 for a long time. It's about time I move up.



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