Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Paradise Bonus finished. Off to Titan Poker

Things are going good again now. I finished up the bonus over at Paradise on a high note. I ended up there about $150, plus the $100 bonus. Not bad for 1000 raked hands. Also played a little bit at Martin's. There were more tables and players going at the 50NL and 100NL tables than just a couple weeks ago, so that is a good sign for B2B sites. And the players that I saw at 50NL are truly awful. Extremely weak passive. I was running over a couple tables yesterday.

I signed up through Poker Source Online at Titan yesterday. I deposited $500, which gives me a $500 bonus. I'll never see that, since bonuses clear pretty slowly. The bonus clears at $10 for every 1000 titan stars, so 50,000 stars for the whole bonus. The Poker Source Online requirements are only 3,500 stars, so that will definitely be doable. That will get me 9000 PSO points (basically $90). I played about 200 hands at $50NL and $100NL this morning, and received about 300 stars. I also made about $60 in the process. Tables so far are pretty loose. Lots of limpers, and none of my Pre-flop raises were getting any respect. Just how I like it :)

I received my orders yesterday from the gift certificate I got through PSO. I purchased Phil Gordon's "Little Green Book", "Harrington on Hold Vol 1" ( I already had Vol 2), and Matt Matros "Making of a Poker Player". I'm looking forward to reading them. I also got Gordon's "Tale of the Tilt Boys" for some fun reading.

My bankroll is just under $3000 right now! Exactly one month ago, I just went over $2000. Not bad for a months worth of playing!


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