Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Home Game Fun

I played in another home game on Saturday night. It was at a good friend of mine who lives an hour and a half away. They have a game every month or so, and I obviously have never played with any of them. The format was a little different. The buy-in was $10. Second place got his buy-in back, and first place got the rest of the money. You would think this would be ok if there was only like 6 people, but we had 12. 10 people were going home with nothing.

We started off with two tables of six each. I played really loose and aggressive. I never got any monster hands, but I won a lot of pots with continuation bets after the flop. I could tell that the guy to my left was getting pissed off with my aggressive play. I got involved in a pot with a less experienced player while holding J9o ( I had him covered). The flop was A, Q, x and I bet at the pot. He called and I was fairly certain he had an Ace. The turn was an 8 giving me an inside straight draw. I bet again trying to push him off his hand and he called again. They river was a beautiful Ten, and I busted him. I don't even remember what I had. I think with that hand, the guy to my left was convinced I was a total maniac.

So a couple hands later, I get A3o and raise it up. Guy to my left re-raises and I call. Flop comes 3, 3, 7. I bet small and he goes all in and I call. I think he had something like KK and I busted him. Muahaha.

When it got down to the final 8, we moved to one table, and I was the chip leader. I didn't get any good hands for the next couple orbits. I tried to steal a few pots, but got played back on. When it got down to five of us, I had lost quite a bit of my stack and was one of the shorter stacks. I made a comeback when I flopped a full house with JT and my opponent turned a straight. I doubled up and was alive again! It got down to three handed with myself, my good buddy, and another guy. My friend had a massive chip lead over us when the biggest hand of the night came. My friend limps from the button and the other dude goes all-in. I fold and my friend calls and flips up pocket Queens. Other dude has AT of spades. The flop came KQ9 of spades!! My friend flopped trips, but the other dude flops the nut flush!%


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