Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March sucks!

Obviously I haven't updated in a while. Mainly because the only posts I would have been able to write up in the last month would be bad beat stories, and even I am getting sick of them.

March has been pretty brutal. The first week of March I dropped a couple hundred. Then the next week, I had a pretty good run and made it all back. But the last 7-10 days have been absolutely terrible. I think I am down a good $400-$450. So even with the bonuses I have collected, I am on my way to my first ever down month (with bonuses).

My downswing is due to a lot of things. Bad play, bad beats, being card dead, tilt, etc... I've had a terrible run at Sit-n-gos. I had a run of eight SNGs where I got knocked out on hands where I was way ahead when the money went all in. I calculated the odds using PokerStove, and the odds of me losing all 8 of these hands were 1316:1!!!!! That's right, one out of every one thousand, three hundred and sixteen times I could expect to lose all 8 of these hands. I had people flopping nut flushes, nut straights, and trips on me.

I got the latest Bluff magazine a couple weeks ago, and Annie Duke had an interesting article in there about tilt. She said the worst kind of tilt is where one actually expects to lose when ahead. That you are actually rooting for your opponents two and three outers to come because you just know it is going to happen. That is the kind of tilt I've been on.

So what am I going to do? Well, I actually started playing regular plain ole Limit Hold 'em. And in the 200 or so hands I've played, I've actually done pretty well. So I might finish up the BetFred bonus on the Limit tables.

I'm about half way through the BetFred $250 bonus, about half way through PokerStars $120 Reload. Plus, I cleared the Martin's Poker Bonus, so there is another ~$700 due in the beginning of April. So my bankroll will get a nice boost of $1070 here in a couple weeks. That will be nice.

And I think my luck might start to turn to the good side soon. I played a few hands over lunch today, and actually made a few dollars. It will be nice to get some of that luck again. The only good luck I've had in march is when I am "lucky" that my 80/20 hands hold up some of the time.



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