Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bonus at Will Hill and Party Poker

I finished up my reload bonus over at Party Poker the other day. Ended down about $50 or $60 playing poker, so with the $100 bonus, only a $40 profit. Meh.

I also deposited some money over at Will Hill to take advantage of their 5 lb (about $9) per table hour bonus. I like this site, and will probably play there more. It's probably due to the fact that I am up $160 there the last 3 days from poker and bonus. I've hit some great draws. And if it wasn't for these two hands, I would be up a lot more. One where I lost with KK to JJ when they hit a set, and the other where I hit TPTK with AK, then hit another A on the turn, but dude hit a baby set on the flop to take my stack.

On the SNG front the last few days, I've made a whopping $1.00. yep, one whole dollar. I've played nine $10 +1 SNGs, won two of them, and placed out of the money in the other seven. I think I ran into aces in about 3 of those 7 losses. I'm just not getting the cards in these right now.

I'll have a January report up tomorrow. Make sure and check it out.



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