Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Awesome MTT Night!

I was able to play in some MTT last night on Stars. I made the final table in two out of the three I played!

I took 7th place in the WWdN for a nice profit of $42.90!

And then I took 4th place in one of those 20 table $20+2 SNGs on Stars for a profit of $266.00!

I also played in the crazy $10, 55k guaranteed rebuy MTT. I finished really close in the money there, busting out in 190th place.

Add all that with a couple ITMs on some SNGs, and some profit at the NL ring games, and I had by far my best poker day ever. I made just a little over $400!

It was the first time for me playing in the WWdN tournie, and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed playing with all the other poker bloggers out there. I wish I knew who was who out there, since most of our screen names are not related to the name of our blogs (like mine). For entertainment purposes, I am going to type a quick report on that tournie. If anyone out there knows the blog website of any of the people I talk about, let me know, and I'll edit this post with some links.

My starting table consisted of: GScottW, Change100, indelibleinc, MrPete, IlliniFan, Sires, and bob labah.

2nd hand of the game, and I get AQo and raise it up. Flop comes JKA with two hearts. I throw out a 2/3 pot continuation bet and get called. Turn is a 2, and we check it around. River is the 6h, and we check it again, and I win the pot.

Still in Level 1, and I raise it up with the hammer. I get two callers, and flop is 9TJ with two hearts. That board sucks for dropping the hammer.

Level 2, and Change100 and MrPete get involved in a hand. Flop comes K64, and all their money gets in. MrPete has 66, Change100 has QQ. Turn is a King. River is a King! Holy suckout!

I win a pot with KT. Inside Straight Draw in the Flop, and its checked around. Straight comes on the turn.

I get KK the next hand. IlliniFan bets, and I raise. Flop is 6JK. He folds to my half pot bet. Up to 2200!

2 hands later, I get AA. bob labah bets PF and I raise. indelibleinc calls, as does bob. Flop is 668. Checked to me, and I bet near pot and both fold. Up to 2800!

It's level 3 and I get moved to a new table. I get AJs on the button and raise 1 limper. SB and limper call. Flop is 7JK. It's checked to me and I make a 3/4 pot bet and both fold.

Still in Level 3, and I limp with J9 of hearts. 4 people see a flop of 8d, Qh, Kh. I semi-bluff with a 3/4 pot bet and 23skidoo calls ( I have him covered). Turn is the Qs, and I put him all in (just 440 more). He shows QT. I have 8 outs (The remaining hearts in the deck minus the 8h). The river comes the Th, giving him a Queens over Tens boat, but it gives me a King high straight flush! Up to 3690 in chips

I sit out for a while to give my daughter a bath. Looks like I got dealt Queens in there. Oh well.

Penner42 flops Quad 4's and busts kaellinn18 who hits a 5 on the river with his 55 for a full house 5's over 4's.

It's now level 5, and I get AJo in the BB. Loaddwnunder raises 3x BB and I call. Flop is 3TK and it is checked around. Turn is a beautiful Q and I win the pot with a bet.

My chipstack is staying around par with between 3000 and 4000 as I am stealing blinds every so often.

We are now down to 3 tables. Someone makes the comment that this is the TV table. We have maigrey, SirFWALGMan, Maudie, wwonka, louddwnunder, Euclides, RandomSam, and weak_player.

We're down to about 20 or so (300/600 blinds) and I get AK in the BB. Folded to Euclides in the SB who completes and I push. Euclides flips over QQ. Ace on the flop and I take it down. Up to 6800 in chips.

Very next hand I get AJo in the SB. SirFWALGMan goes all in from EP and I call. He shows AT. Flop comes 2T2. Turn is another 2. River is a Jack and I bust him. Sorry! Up to 11000 in chips and now 2 tables.

I get JJ in EP and raise 3x BB. GScottW calls. Flop is K33 and I take it down with a continuation size bet.

Its folded to me on the button and I raise 3xBB with AJo. S.t.B goes all-in from the SB for only 475 and I call. He has A7 and my hand holds up and I knock him out. Up to 17k and I think I am in 2nd or 3rd place.

Mene G raises it 3x BB and I have 99 in the BB and I call. Flop is TJQ. I make a half pot bet and take it down.

I take another pot from Mene Gene while I am in the BB. He onlt made a 2x raise and I had 77. Flop 838. Checked down, turn is a 5 and I take the pot with a bet.

Final Table!
Hacker56: 10534
GScottW: 15515
loaddwnunder: 6747
RandomSam: 25735
mean g: 6145
maigrey: 12720
denials: 31765
LuparFiend (Me!): 22394
Maudie: 15445

Denials and GScottW get it all in Pre-flop. They both flip over Aces!

Mene Gene goes out in 9th when his short stack gets busted by maigrey's AQ vs Gene's T3

Hacker goes out in 8th with 77 vs loaddwnunder's AQ. Ace on flop seals the deal.

I'm 2nd in chips in Level 11 (blinds 600/1200). I get AK UTG. I raise it up 3x BB. RandomSam, who is the chip leader raises me a little more than double. I push it all-in and RandomSam Calls with 99. Great, a coinflip :( No help for me, and I lose the coinflip and go out in 7th place.

Now that I look back at this, I should have just called his PF raise. I still have plenty of chips, and if a Ace or King comes on the flop, I can be confident I have the best hand. But if you look at it on the other side, I think RandomSam's call of my all-in was iffy. I mean, I raised PF UTG, and pushed all-in to his re-raise. The best he can hope for is a coinflip with his 99. I could have easily had a high pocket pair with my betting, and he would have been dominated.

Oh well, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully I can play in some more of these WWdN tournies in the future.


In the 20 table $20 MTT, I think I played some really good poker. I was in 19th place out of 19 for a while (The bubble), but battled back a few times. I tripled up twice during the final two tables. Once with Aces where I had a full house by the river. And another time with pocket Tens. When we got to the final table, I was 2nd in chips.

I ended up knocking out the 5th place guy with pocket tens to his AK (Flopped trips), and I was sitting pretty good. I had 52K in chips, and the other stacks were 51K, 79K and 87K. The very next hand I get AQ in the BB (1500/3000 blinds), so my M was still above 10. SB raises it up 4x BB and I go all-in. Of course he has AK. Uggg. So close to a $1000 payday. Maybe I should have just called the PF raise and saw a flop? I still have plenty of chips to play poker.

Thanks for reading!


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