Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stuck in neutral

Since my "Best Poker Day Ever" last week, I've pretty much been stuck in neutral. Bankroll has pretty much stayed the same for the last week.

I am blaming most of this on my lack of hitting sets in my NL Ring games. Over at Martin's, I think I am 2 for my last 50 or so pocket pairs hitting sets on the flop. And one of those times, some donk hit runner runner straight on me. He called my pot bet on the flop with nothing. No draw, no overs, nothing. Then on the turn, he picked up his inside straight draw, and called my bet again, and then hit his straight on the river!

One should hit a set with a pocket pair once every eight times. I've come to realize that you win most of your money in NL ring by hitting sets. And right now, they just aren't coming.

I've played five $10 SNGs over at Party Poker the last 2 days. I won two of them, but didn't cash in the other three. I went out in 10th in one when I got Pocket Kings in the SB in level 2. There were at least 4 or 5 limpers, so I raised it up big. At least 6x BB. One caller. Flop is J, T, 4. I make a half pot bet, and he goes all-in. I call, since I'm pretty much pot committed (since you only start with 800 chips at party), and he flips up JTo. He called my big PF raise with that? Ouch

The next one, we are down to 6 people, and blinds are big, so it is push or fold time. I get AKs in the cutoff, but of course the BB wakes up with AA.

And the next one hurt the most. I knock out the 5th place guy and more than double up on another dude when I get Aces, and flop comes A, J, J. I have about half the chips with 4 left. Of course I go out in 4th. Short stacks just couldn't lose there. I finally went out with A6s and pushed, and BB woke up with pocket Tens.

On the bonus front, I have just over 2000 VIP points over at Martin's Poker. So just 1000 more to go. I wanted to get to 2000 VIP by the end of the month cause I can turn those into 30 Euro. I then deposited some money over at Party Poker for their $100 reload. I should finish that one up by early next week. I also deposited some money over at WillHill. They give you 5 pounds per hour (which is like $9), up to 25 per month. That should be fairly easy to knock out.

I'm not sure what I will go after next. Maybe BetFred's $250 bonus. There are a couple other B2B bonus that are out there too.

I'm having some people over tonight to play a little poker. We're just doing nickel/dime type stuff, since none of them play poker regularly. Should be lots of fun!


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