Friday, January 27, 2006

Home Game Shenanigans

We had a good time last night at our home game. A total of seven people were there playing some poker.

We played lots of different games. Limit Hold 'em, Indian Hold 'em, Omaha, In-Between, 5 card draw, and and seven card stud.

Indian Hold 'em was definitely the most fun game. You play it like regular hold'em, but you hold your cards on your forehead so you can't see them, but you can see everyone else's cards. I won a nice pot playing this when I got some people to lay down some good hands. We got dealt our cards, and I look around, and one person has pocket Queens, and another has Pocket Kings! So instead of folding what was probably a weak holding, I raised it up! Someone else raised it up, and we got the pocket Queens to lay down his hand. Flop comes 4, 6, 9 rainbow. I raised it up again, and got the pocket Kings to fold. I don't remember what the turn and river was, but I took it to the end. So I look at my cards and see A9 and grab the pot with a pair of 9's against the other dudes pair of 6s.

We played a little Omaha, and I have to share this hand with you (Sorry JD!!). Everyone except me and one other person had never played Omaha before, so we had to explain to everyone how it works. You can play two and only two cards from the four that you are dealt, and then must use three of the cards on the board. So we are playing this hand, and the flop is all low cards and rainbow (no matching suits). Turn and River come and people are betting and raising. It gets to the end, and my friend says flush, and shows the 4 diamonds in his hand to go with the one diamond on the board. We all laugh and tell him that he can only play two of his cards. But wait! He ends up taking the pot anyways because he had a straight! LOL!

And then the last hand of the night was the most exciting. We decided to end the night by playing In-Between. If you've never played it, it is a game that can be done really fast, or it will go on forever. The dealer shows two cards, and you bet any amount in the pot to see if the next card will fall in between those two cards. If the card that is flipped over is the same as one of the other two cards, you pay double! We all threw in $0.50. So a total of $3.50 in there. Well, no one could win! People were betting with a 2 and a King, and an Ace would come. I had to throw in a bunch of money when I bet with a 2 and jack showing and another jack came. The pot grew to almost $40! People were digging in their wallets left and right to buy more chips. I even had to break out the black chips! After about 20 minutes of playing, we decided that we better just split it up, since no one was betting very much cause they were all drained of cash.

It sure was a lot of fun though. Next time, I'll probably cap the amount one can bet, so it doesn't get out of hand again (or I'll tell everyone to bring more money....... Hmmmm)


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