Monday, November 07, 2005

Wacky Poker Weekend!

Oh man, what a wacky wacky poker weekend.

On Friday I withdrew some money from PokerStars, and deposited $650 at BoDog. They have a 10% bonus, which isn't that great, but I really like thier site. The graphics and speed are awesome, and the play there is really fishy. I've done well in the past there playing in the SNGs.

I made that deposit anticipating a good night of Poker for Saturday night. I don't get to play long sessions at night time too often, but Saturday would be one of those nights. Baby #2 is due any day now, and I figured this would be the last oppurtunity in a while to get a nice long session in.

My plan:
- Play in PokerStars crazy $10 rebuy guarenteed $45,000 MTT
- Play in BoDogs $10 MTT guarenteed $7,500 MTT
- Play lots of SNGs

The BoDog one didn't go well. I never got any good cards, and was down to about 700 from the 1000 starting chip stack. Blinds were 50/100, and I look down and see pocket rockets. I raise it up 4X BB from MP. I get one caller. The table chip leader who has about 5000 chips. Flop comes all rags, but with 2 diamonds. I push the rest of my measly chip stack in, and he flips over [Qd] [4d] . Of course another diamond comes on the turn, and I go home now. He called my 4x bet with Q4s?!?!?!

The PS Rebuy was crazy. And not just the poker play. I took the rebuy right away, so I started at 3000 chips. Lots of crazy pushing insued at my table, but I did not partake in any of that. I was getting crap hands. The only hand I played in the first half hour was where I hit top pair with ok kicker, and dropped down to below 1500 when someone had TPTK. I rebought to get back up to 3000. About 45 mins in, I get pocket 10s. I raise, get re-rasied all-in, i call, as does another person. One has JJ, other has 88, and JJ holds up. Double rebuy again. First hour ends, and I am not involved in any other hands. So, for the first hour, I won ZERO hands. I take the add-on, so I get up to 5000 chips, where average stack is 8000.

Hour two was great though! Without the crazy pushing/rebuying going on, I was able to win some nice pots. I doubled up with JJ against a big stacks QT. Won some other nice pots. At the end of hour two, I am up to about 25000 chips. I believe i was in the top 40.

That is when it happened. It was about midnight. In preperation for the new baby, we moved our computer desk from a bedroom upstairs to the living room on the main floor about a month ago. So I can see the front door, and anyone out on the street can see lights on and can tell that someone is awake in there. So at about midnight, I hear a tapping on our front door. At first I ignore it, but again it taps. I go and look out by the front door, and there is someone there. It is our neighbors Mom. She's at least 75, cambodian, doesn't speak english, and has Alzheimers. She's holding a blanket and a pillow. I live in Minnesota, so its cold out. probably about 40 or so. I open the door, and she is jabbering away. Of course I can't understand her. This has happened before. About a year and half ago, she came to our house, and it turned out that she was locked out of her house. The police have also picked her up walking on the highway. So I go get the phone so I can call over to thier house. While I am doing this, she comes right on in, and plops down in the entry way. Of course, no one is picking up the phone over there.

So I go wake up the wife, and have her watch the old lady, and I run over to their house. I ring the doorbell, bang on the door. Nothing. I then check the door, and it is unlocked!! So I go get grandma and bring her back to her house. But she is acting kind of wierd and kept trying to get back out. So now I am having visions of late night TV and there was mass murder there or something, and she is scared to go in there. But I get her to stay, and I decide I better go back home and call the cops.

I get back home, and we call the police. As I am doing this I look out and I see her walking out of the house again! I get off the phone with the cops, and they are going to send someone over. I look back outside, and I can't see her. I have no idea where she went. Maybe out to the highway again? So the police show up and we find her at our other neighbors house sitting on thier porch with her blanket and pillow. We go in the house and the police lady searches the house, and finds no one home!! Except that there are two locked doors upstairs. She then decided she was going to "open" the door upstairs. She gets one of them open, and the ladies 13 year old grand daughter is in there sleeping. She didn't wake up through any of this! not the door bell. Not my pounding. Not the police ladies shouts or pounding. It turns out the Mom and Dad were out, and she was supposed to keep an eye on her grandma!!

So in the meantime, I am getting blinded away. I had almost 30000 chips, and was in the top40-50 for the longest time. I get back, and I am down to about 20000 or so and below average. I ended up losing on a coinflip with JJ against AKs. I also lost the two SNGs I was playing during all of this.

Have you ever heard of the poker gods going to such great length to screw someone over? Well, it was good thing that I was awake. Who knows what would have happened if i wasn't down there playing poker.

So on Sunday, a more powerful God must have had a talking to the poker gods, cause I had awesome results! I played RingNL at BoDog and made over $170!!

On one $25 table, I was up to $160!! In just an hour or so of playing. have you ever heard of someone being more than 6 times the buy-in at a $25 Ring table?

Also won another $15Turbo this morning too. So I think I may have cracked the $1000 mark.



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