Friday, November 04, 2005

I love $15 Turbo SNGs!

Holy cow! I'm running good in these $15 Turbo SNGs

SNGs played since last post:

$15 Turbo: 1st
$15 Turbo: 1st
$6 Turbo: 2nd
$10: 6th
$6 Turbo 2 tbl: 8th
$15 Turbo: 2nd
$15 Turbo: 1st

A nice little profit of $188.70

Of course the limit poker I played over at bet365 was terrible. 30 minutes, lost $30. man, I hate that site.

The players there seen really good. Do yo uthink it is because it is the beginning of the month, and the only people playing the 1/2 tables are bonus whores who are good at Limit? The tables were so tight aggressive, its scary. Every single hand there is someone that raises. If it folds to the button or CO, like it usually does, they always raise. The only nice pots I've won is where I defended my Blinds aggresively.


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