Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm back with a new addition!

I'm back.

Not soon after I posted my last post, my wife called and told me it was baby time. We had a son just a few hours after that. I look forward to teaching him the game of Hold 'em :)

I've been able to play some poker while I've been home on paternity. My son and I have played some late night poker a few times while he has been awake. I cleared a $65 bonus at BoDog. And made a good $100 in poker profit doing it. I am almost done with my $75 bonus at pokerstars. I only do SNGs there as I refuse to play ring games there when the ring games at other places are far more lucrative.

I deposited $600 at Absolute for thier 20% bonus. I've cleared $20 of the bonus, and have made almost $150 playing NL ring. Man, the players their are bad. About 75% of the players only buy in for the minimum (which is $10 at the .10/.25 and $20 at the .25/.50). And there are a lot of people who love the min re-raise. What is up with that?

I think my bankroll is hovering around $1,200 now.


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