Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's funny how easy it is to get burnt out on poker and blogging about poker. The last couple months, poker and blogging can best be described like this: I get excited to play or look forward to writing about an interesting hand, thus I plan out when and what I am going to do. I'll surf at twoplustwo, or copy some hand histories down that I know would be interesting to talk about. But then when it actually comes time to play, or in the case of blogging time to write, and then my interest is gone. That pretty much sums it up. Right now, I am looking forward to maybe playing some cash games for a little while tonight. But I know that once I have time, I'm not going to want to anymore. Bah!

My ADD is getting the best of me. On Tuesday night, I decided to play before bed, and I found some really good tables and made a decent amount of money. Since I was only playing cash games, I knew I could quit at any time. But last night, I played some tournaments, and about two hours in, I was bored. I wanted to quit. But I was still in the middle of two tournaments (The Mookie and the 50/50). So what did I do? I sat out and played some Call of Duty for a little while. Then I came back and donked out of both relatively quickly. I didn't want to play anymore, so I basically played like an idiot (4-bet showing with 96s in the Mookie).

Maybe it has to do with me running like crap again. January was breakeven. February was good, but ended like crap and I didn't play much. And March is back to breakeven. Right now, there is no way that 2009 comes even close to my 2008 in terms of $ won. I don't know, maybe things will turn around, but the games have gotten a lot harder in the last couple months, IMO.


It's pretty rare for me to discover some new music from someone I have never heard of before and totally love it. Most recently it was Kings of Leon, and prior to that, maybe the band Red. But the wife and I were watching Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and we were both really digging the musical guest that night, Ray Lamontagne. Obviously he isn't an unknown, since he is on SNL. But neither of us had heard of him. Check out his performance from SNL this past weekend.

I went out and got his album the next day, and it is pretty good. Nice jazzy, bluesy, relaxing music.



At 8:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheer up, young one. I see another big prize in your future!!

At 10:12 PM , Blogger Dee said...

I was watching you at the mookie last night. Seemed like you were quite all there, and now I guess I know why!

At 11:20 PM , Blogger OhCaptain said...

Maybe we should get you out of the house...

Bourbonators is next week.

Of course, I'll be out of town for a few days. Gotta go schmooze it up north for a few days.

Cheer up! Your new baby looks just like you ;-)

At 3:57 PM , Blogger lj said...

really enjoyed the performance. thanks for the rec.


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