Thursday, February 26, 2009


February had been going pretty good so far. I haven't played too much, but I am up a decent amount, which is really nice. But I sat down on Tuesday morning and played about 100 hands, and had 3 flopped sets against me in those 100 hands. And then I said to myself, "Uh oh, here comes the downswing". I sure enough, it's here. Last night I was over $400 below EV in my all-in pots. It's bound to happen. I think I'll play more Call of Duty 5 instead of poker this month.

Here are my biggest pots since the last time I posted, with the winners listed first.
This guy was playing like a maniac. He had normal stats, but was 3-betting, and calling 3-bets like crazy. Maybe he was on tilt? I'm still not sure how I feel about my turn and river check. I was basically thinking, "TPTK in a 3-bet pot. I'm not folding". The two on the river is such a total blank, I decided to check call again.
Haha, this hand was great. This guy is one of the worst regs on Full Tilt. He was super agro, and tilted easily. And what do you do to someone who tilts easily? You min-raise. Hook, Line, Sinker.
Ok, so I was little bit on tilt from a different hand, and I decided that I was going to raise the flop if the board wasn't too scary, and I was going to push turn if he called. And then he decided to call my bluff, but I'm ahead anyways! Put me on AK I guess.
Standard AA vs AK hand.
Flop a set, and dude overbets all-in. Standard.
Idiot pretty much min-3-bets PF. I flop top pair and a gutshot and make a loose call of his flop bet. Turn card fills my straight.


And here are my biggest losing hands. And the themes for these hands are "playing out of position sucks", and "when you get raised on the river, you're usually beat". Oops.
Bah. Damn river. I was drawing dead after the turn, but the river gave me top two. I thought that a smaller two pair hand was in his range (like AJ, A9, etc...). This guy was a 35/15 idiot, but he pretty much played this hand perfectly against me. Playing out of position sucks!
This was against a 80/10 drooler. I didn't really think the backdoor flush was in his range, but who knows what goes on in the mind of the fish.
Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this hand. This was against a pretty good regular who I thought might fire off three barrels with a worse hand. As I was clicking call, I said to myself, "He probably has AQ".
Donk calls my squeeze and sucks out on river.
Another high variance play. I call with AJs in position when I get 3-bet. I flop TPTK. I decide to play it passive, because I feel I am either way ahead or way behind. Too bad the river make a couple hands I am ahead of, now beat me.
I almost folded on the turn, because the guy was a nit (like 17/14). but when the second 5 came on the turn, I figured he has 22 or I am way ahead. He had 22.
This was against a regular and his play is beyond terrible, lol. But he gets rewarded, so whatever. This capped off my night last night. I purposely busted out of the 50/50 short of the money last night after this hand cause I was sick of playing poker.
Flopped straights never win.

I also played a few tournament last night, and I only cashed in one, which was a $36 180 person turbo SNG at Stars where I made the final table and made $100 or so. I got knocked out of the mookie with QQ against a flopped flush. He had JTs, flop was Axx all clubs. I had the Q of clubs. They turn was a Queen, and we got it all-in. I missed my 17 outs, and was out. I plan on winning the Mookie next week though with the start of BBT4.



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