Friday, December 05, 2008

November Results

I know I'm a little late, but I've been feeling a little lazy lately.

As I mentioned in my last post, I tried out something new. I didn't do full ring (yuck) or Omaha. I moved down to 100NL and played super lag. I played just over 1000 hands playing about 35/28 or so and I did pretty good, winning about 7 buy-ins or so. And it was actually quite fun to play crazy like that. It is amazing how quickly people start to not give you credit for a hand. I won two 200BB stacks from people with AA when they couldn't believe that I had hand due to my crazy image. I haven't tried playing like that at 200NL yet, but I may give it a try.

November was a pretty decent month. I cleared just over a grand with rakeback included. It would have been a lot better if I wouldn't have played so poorly in tournaments for the month. Just in MTTs (and I don't play them all that often) I lost about a thousand. Yuck. I played two FTOPS events, so that was the big hit.

I played tournaments again on Wednesday night, but I only played four. I cashed in one, the $24+2 28k guaranteed on Full Tilt. I had a good stack throughout, and then with about 100 left, I lost most of my stack with AA vs KQo all-in pre-flop. Flop was King High all hearts, and I even had the Ace of Hearts. Turn was another King, and river was a Queen, just to rub it in.

Anyways, here are my November cash games results. I put in almost 16,000 hands, which is right around the most I've put in during a month.

Anyone else watch The Shield Series finale? Wow, what a great show. If you've never watch The Shield, go start at Season 1 and watch the whole series. Best. Show.On.TV.

Now that The Shield is done, my favorite show that is still on TV is Chuck, on at 7 PM CST on Monday's. This show is freaking hilarious, and if you were a kid in the 80's, you gotta love all the pop culture/video game stuff this show throws in there. Plus, he works at the "Nerd Herd" counter at a "Buy More" store, which is exactly like Best Buy except with the color green.



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