Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tonight! The Shield Series Finale!!!

Best show on Television, bar none. Well, tied for first with The Wire (I'm only through the first two seasons of The Wire).

I'm really looking forward to how the end of The Shield will play out. Will Vic die in a rain of bullets? Does he escape? The creator of The Shield has said that he hated how The Sopranos ended, so I expect a great ending tonight. Last week's episode was awesome. Him sitting in the room at ICE and confessing to everything was well done. Bravo!


Poker has been brutal the last week. I guess it was expected though, with how well I had been running the last couple months. Now I am catching up on all the coolers and bad beats. I can't flop a set for the life of me, and Aces just haven't been coming my way much. KK and QQ have been running into AA way too often.

I'm thinking of moving down to 100NL for a little while and try out a new style. That or try Full Ring for a while. Or maybe play some HORSE?

I played tournaments last night, and only cashed in one. Guess which one? Yep, the PokerStars $10 Rebuy. I had a top 10 stack near the money bubble in this thing. I went out around 150th place with KQs versus ATo. I called a push by a guy who had pushed the 6 of 8 hands he had been at our table. WTF? I've never seen that strategy before.


I did something last week that I haven't done in quite a while: read a book. I picked up the 3rd Option by Vince Flynn and whipped through it in less than a week. I picked up the next book in the Mitch Rapp series today, and plan on reading it over the holiday weekend. if you've ever read anything by Tom Clancy, I highly recommend the Minnesota native Vince Flynn. Highly entertaining books.




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