Monday, December 03, 2007

November 2007 Results

Well, November was a good month thanks to 5 hours over the Thanksgiving Weekend. I think this graph pretty much sums up my poker: Break Even with an occasional hot streak.

Was November my best month ever? I made just over 2 grand, which is where I have been quite a few times. So the answer is: Yes, but just by a little.

Cash Games: $2,177.00
  • 100NL: $334.45 (8799 hands)
  • 200NL $1,990.80 (5767 hands)
  • 400NL -$148.25 (134 hands)
PL Omaha: $27.35

Tournaments: -$189.46

October Rakeback (small due to MGR being reduced because of my Ipod purchased from PT Points): $210.00

Grand Total: $2,224.89

Poker Tracker says I played a total of 43 hours. So if you factor in a little bit more rakeback, I made about $58 an hour. Not too shaby!


I didn't play much poker this weekend. Made a couple hundred though. Lost with AKs vs QQ all-in PF against a donk, but 2 orbits later, I got it all-in against a nit with AA vs JJ and won. These two hands show what image can do for your bottom line. Because the nit saw me get it all-in PF with AKs, he felt a lot better about his JJ and called my all-in when I had AA. If he would not have seen that hand, I think he easily lets go of his JJ to my 5-bet (I 3-bet from the blinds, he 4-bet to 40BBs , and I 5-bet shoved)

I've also played some cash games over at PokerStars. I think I am going to play more 100NL over there, especially when there are no good tables going on at FT.


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