Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekly Review

Man, I've played like a donkey the last two days. From Monday through the first half of Wednesday, I continued my hot streak, winning another $650 (and pushing my monthly total above $3000). But since then, it's been bad.

I think there are few things factoring into this short downswing. First, I am only playing enough to get my 200 Full Tilt Points, so that I can make the Platinum level in the Iron Man Contest. That leads me to rushing through my sessions. And 2nd, I haven't played any long (hour or more) distraction-free poker sessions at all this week.

I also watched a CardRunner video from Fabian on Wednesday. It was a very good video, and he is a very very good player, and an expert hand reader. In his second video, he made very heroic call, and was right against a decent thinking player. So I thought that I could use that knowledge I learned from that video, and do the same.


My mistake? I was trying to make heroic calls against donkeys. You can't can't can't CAN'T make heroic calls against donkeys. When some passive donkey with an aggression factor of 1.0 starts betting and raising you, more than likely they have a hand.

Oh, and one other thing PokerFool. Ya, I'm talking to you PokerFool. When some donkey limps, then min-3-bets PF, what do you think they have? And when you hit your top pair, and they keep mashing the bet pot button, what do you think they have? Ya, I thought so. SO FOLD!! It's ok to call that min-3-bet PF since you have really good implied odds. But one pair ain't gonna cut it. *smack*

I'm planning to put in a nice session tonight against the weekend donks. Hopefully I can stay above the 2 grand mark for the month and declare November as My Best Month Everâ„¢ !!!


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